2017 Honda Civic Si Heading To LA Auto Show

2016 Honda Civic (Photo YouTube)
2016 Honda Civic (Photo YouTube) /

The 2017 Honda Civic Si is headed to Los Angeles next month for the L.A. Auto Show, and because so little has been confirmed from Honda, we might need to pack up the camera and go check it out for ourselves.

Earlier this month, we took a good look at Honda Civic Type R Concept that is confirmed to be making its US debut next month at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas. Well, it looks like our friends at Honda don’t want the new Type R traveling all the way to the West Coast on its own.

The L.A. Auto Show has confirmed that the new 2017 Honda Civic Si will be making it much-anticipated debut in Los Angeles on November 16th.

This is big news for Civic fans and enthusiasts for many reasons. You see, the SEMA Show is an industry-only trade event. Unless you are directly involved in the automotive industry, you just might not get a chance to get anywhere near the Honda Civic Type R Concept that Honda is bringing to SEMA.

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With the announcement of the 2017 Honda Civic Si coming to Los Angeles next month, it gives all Honda fans a chance to see (hopefully inside and out!) this specialty Civic Si first hand.

Honda has been extremely quiet about any updated news and even photo’s of this new Civic Si, which has left us only being able to speculate what the final production car will really look like.

2017 Honda Civic Si
2016 Honda Civic at last year’s Los Angeles Auto Show (Photo by Brian van der Brug/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images) /

Sure there are a couple of spy shots on the internet and some beautiful artistic renderings from Honda forum members, but unless we get confirmed updates from Honda, I guess we will have to wait until November 16th in L.A. Road Trip, anyone?

When Honda brought out the 2016 Honda Civic Coupe last year at the LA Auto Show, it was a fan favorite. I was impressed as well. But I really like this car in Rallye Red.

That color, combined with the new body lines gives the Civic a nice, aggressive look without having to add all the bells and whistle’s of an aftermarket body kit. I’ll admit, whenever I see that color combo out here in the SoCal sun, I have to give it a double take.

Honda has still not released any official details as to what we can expect as far as performance figures, but we do know that the 2017 Honda Civic Si will initially be sold as a two door coupe. We also expect the car will be front wheel drive and feature a six-speed manual transmission.

The biggest news is that the Si is also said to be finally adding a turbo! Does this mean we may see an engine similar to the Type R 2.0-liter turbocharged inline four? Or will Honda opt to slap a turbo on the current 1.5-liter engine?

Of course, we don’t expect to see the same power output from the Civic Si, but it’s got tuners around the country anxious to get a good long look under the hood. Right now rumors are in the 220-230 hp range.

But just imagine the tuning possibilities! I have no doubt the Civic Si will again be one of the fan favorites this year for Honda.

Here is the video of Honda’s 2016 Civic Coupe at last year’s LA Auto Show:

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We are excited to get a first-hand look at both the Type R and the 2017 Honda Civic Si next month.  Art of Gears will keep you updated with all the details as they are released from Honda. For more information on how you can attend this year’s LA Auto Show, click on the official website here.