The Grand Tour Heads To Rotterdam Holland On A Roll

Photo by Dave Hogan/Getty Images)
Photo by Dave Hogan/Getty Images) /

It seems The Grand Tour has hit its stride early and moves to Rotterdam for filming on October 22.

While not much has been released from The Grand Tour’s taping in Johannesburg, California or Whitby, they seem to have found their legs early. With control of a brand new show, some would expect they might get a bit out of hand. The contrary seems to be the case.

All this has us even more excited for November 18th and getting a taste of what they are doing. While under the control of the BBC, Clarkson, Hammond, and May had structure built in. With The Grand Tour, they are in control and could have gone off the rails.

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The reported $2.5 million dollar price tag for opening credits does seem to be excessive. Yet actual taping of the shows has gone smoothly. Reports inside the tent at Whitby were all positive and had the cast at ease. Same from people who were at the California taping.

This week The Grand Tour gang is heading to Rotterdam, Holland for taping followed by Lapland November 3rd. It is quite an impressive schedule for The Grand Tour tent and crew. If you are in Finland there are still tickets to be had, click here.

After departing Lapland, the gang heads to Germany for what should be a very exciting episode. Adventures on the Autobahn? How about a trip to James May’s least favorite place, the Nurburgring? The possibilities are endless for what the former Top Gear hosts might do.

We are starting to get reports of stars that will be appearing on the show. Matt Damon and Charlize Theron have been reported by The Sun as guests. The presenters from The Grand Tour did heavy publicity in California for the upcoming Amazon Prime streaming series. Spots on The Late Late Show and a visit with petrolhead Adam Corolla helped push the new show.

While the tapings of The Grand Tour are going smoothly, it does not mean the final versions of the show are not going to be different. Without the confines of a programming schedule, episodes length should vary quite a bit. We all know that the language will be a bit saltier than on the BBC.

With all the eyes and ears that are on The Grand Tour cast and crew, I am shocked how smoothly it has gone. With the popularity of the cast and history of Jeremy Clarkson, tabloids would be quick to publish anything. We are still early, but with the schedule they have been holding to I am impressed. November 18th can’t come soon enough!