DeLorean Motors Offering New Cars, Trick Or Treat?

Jack Owens/The Denver Post via Getty Images)
Jack Owens/The Denver Post via Getty Images) /

Thanks to the new low production vehicle rules, DeLorean Motor Company is about to sell new cars. Maybe.

If it sounds like you have heard this before, you have. The new DeLorian Motor Cars announced its preparing to offer complete new cars. The question is will anyone actually buy the new offerings from Texas.

DeLorian Motors famously folded, going bankrupt in 1982 after sluggish sales caused cash flow problems. A drug money laundering scandal involving company founder John DeLorean was the final nail in the coffin for the unique D12 car.

As it turns out, the final chapter of the stainless steel car may not have been written. When the factory stopped production, the parts in inventory was huge. There was enough to keep the production line running for a considerable time. The inventory was purchased by Consolidated International and subsequently to the new DeLorean Motor Company.

The new DMC has no relationship with John DeLorean or the original DMC. What the new DMC has done is keep the approximately 9,000 D12’s built on the road. The Back To The Future movies reignited the popularity just three years after the companies demise.

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Now with the new low production automakers rules, DMC has announced they are planning to build complete new versions of the D12. They will be powered by a yet to be announced engine that will meet current EPA standards. Other upgrades and improvements will be made to overcome the shortcomings of the original.

This is not the first time the new DMC has announced they were going to produce new D12’s. In 2011 there was an announcement of electric versions of the gull wing car hitting the road. Those never happened, and you have to wonder about if history will repeat itself.

As unique as the DeLorian D12 was, in 2016 they are more of a curiosity than a fascination. For around $25,000 you can find original models in very good condition. Unlike many of the other low production cars being produced, the new versions will cost significantly more than great versions on the road.

For people wanting Shelby Cobra’s or GT40’s, high-quality originals are out of reach price wise. The replicas being built are the only way fans of the cars will every have the opportunity to own one. For someone wanting a DeLorean, all they have to do is hit ebay.

If the new DMC wanted to make a splash, they would update the styling and release a 2017 version of the roadster. It remains to be seen if there really is a market enough for new DeLoreans. It really is all dependent on what they decide to do on the performance side with the car. A straight replica that is still underpowered is not going to do it.

I never was that much of a fan of the DeLorian D12 when first released. Through the years it has grown on me. The idea of them building new ones actually brings me back to my first impressions of the car. What DMC needs is for some crazy D12 custom builds to find a direction for the new cars.

We have heard this all before from DeLorean Motor Cars. I am not going to hold my breath until I see a new D12 hit the streets. I wish they would focus on making some aftermarket options to turn the existing D12’s into asphalt eating monsters.