Mazda Bringing Rotary Engine Back In RX 9

Photo Credit: Mazda
Photo Credit: Mazda /

It appears that the phasing out of the rotary engine by Mazda will not last long.

For those diehard rotary engine fans, 2019 looks like they year of the comeback. Rumors are swirling about the 2019 RX9 sporting a new upgraded rotary power plant.

It has not been confirmed yet, but recent reports of emissions improvements in the newest generation of engines seems to point the way. By flipping the engine 180 degrees, they were able to reduce the oil consumption and direct the exhaust that would accommodate a turbo charger.

The addition of the turbo is key to getting more power out of the design. With several car makers going to the smaller engines with twin turbos, the Mazda upgrade makes sense. Increased fuel economy and robust performance from the smaller engine could help Mazda stand apart.

In 2019 when Mazda introduced its newest two-door sports car, fitting it with its signature engine would be fitting. Driving to the future with a grasp of the past. There was a loud robust fan base of the rotary engine that felt betrayed in 2012 when Mazda stopped producing them.

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Even though the engines were not found in new production cars, they were still on the track racing across the country. While short on torque, the tough little engines power the Mazda series racers on. Now a new generation of rotary engine could drive the brand’s future.

With all the issues surrounding Diesel engines now, the new turbo rotary could accompany the next generation of RX. The latest concept by Mazda of the RX9 has a low hood line that would hint at the smaller engine finding a home in.

With the horsepower wars heating up between the American auto manufacturers, there is a market growing for small quick sportsters. Providing consumers a smaller convertible sports car could be a hit with consumers.

It would do the brand good returning to the rotary engine. It was part of Mazda’s identity. You knew it was different and were curious. If you drove a well-tuned one you wanted one. The new generation turbo rotary could make people want to buy the RX9.