Is Buying A Used Mazda 2 Still A Steal?

The Smoking Tire takes a modified Mazda 2 for a quick test drive through the Angeles Forest and confirms that with the right suspension and tires, this car could just be your next favorite canyon driver.

Earlier this year, we did an article on why we think purchasing a used Mazda 2 is a steal of a deal. If you are in the market for a used hatchback as your next daily driver, the Mazda 2 in our opinion is a smart choice.

The Mazda 2 is both lightweight and fuel efficient which is perfect for those long commutes to and from work. It also has 4-doors which are a must in this Uber-inspired world.

Well it looks like Matt Farah at The Smoking Tire has just confirmed what we already knew; with the right suspension and tire setup, a used Mazda 2 could also become your next practical canyon driver as well!

In the video, Matt takes a modified 2014 Mazda 2 for a quick test drive through the Angeles Forest to see how the little hatchback handles through the twisties.

Even though the Mazda 2 features a 1.5-liter engine putting out a whopping 100 hp, Matt shows us that by simply adding a few upgrades to this vehicle you can have yourself a pretty fun vehicle to drive.

So how can a vehicle like this, that really doesn’t put out much power, be “fun” to drive?  It all comes down to the platform it is sitting on. The cars best asset is its lightweight chassis.

Coming in at just 2,350 lbs, the Mazda 2 was built to be both lightweight and fuel efficient. By simply throwing on a couple of quick bolt-on upgrades, I can see why this car could be both fun and practical as a daily driver as well.


We recently checked out and found a used 2011 Mazda2 Sport with 49,971 miles for only $8,450.00. When you sit back and consider all you are getting with this particular vehicle, and how little it will cost you to upgrade this vehicle, we think this is still a steal of a deal.