Diesel Brothers Announces New Season With Beast Mode

Photo by Renard Garr/Getty Images)
Photo by Renard Garr/Getty Images) /

Discovery Channels popular show, Diesel Brothers, is coming back in January and gave us a peek as to what’s coming up.

The bearded band of maniacs from Utah have a second season of their show starting in January. Heavy D and the boys are promising new and more outrageous builds for season two. Right out of the gate they are bringing in star power to kick off 2017.

In a video released by Red Beard, Heavy D is tearing it up with former Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch. They appear to have tricked out a side by side in a uniquely Diesel Sellerz way to the delight of Mr. Beast Mode. Lynch’s reaction is both fantastic and in an alien language.

It will be a welcome return for Diesel Brothers. They brought a new angle to the car restoration show. For those unfamiliar, they build diesel vehicles designed for extreme off-road action. The use of military surplus parts in their builds is very creative and interesting. Brutal beasts that often start from humble beginnings.

For those that have not visited the Diesel Sellerz website, you are missing out. They are constantly giving away their creations in raffles that only cost $5 to enter. Any purchases from the store also get you entered to win. Every $5 you spend earns you an entry into the current giveaway.

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Over the black Friday weekend, they were offering entry into a raffle to have your vehicle transformed on the show for two winners. I bought two shirts to get eight entries myself! If you visit their youtube channel, you find a treasure trove of videos of trucks and winners.

If season 2 is anywhere as good as season 1, we are going to be in for a treat. The bearded crew took a classic tracked snow climber and turned it into an insane truck. The stretching of diesel pickups that were so long to begin with, to ridiculous lengths, brought a smile to my face.

Like other car restoration shows, they will grow and the builds will get out of hand. Hopefully, season two of Diesel Brothers stays keeps with the craziness of the builds, but without massive budget inflation. When there are real budgets, it makes the show more relatable and enjoyable. When it gets to all no cost limit builds, you lose the heart and connection to the everyday car builders.

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Everyone get ready, January 16th on Discovery, Motoring Monday with the Diesel Brothers come back! Not a bad way to get over the loss of Monday Night Football, Fast N’Loud with Street Outlaws and Diesel Brothers. We might be banished to the man cave, but it will be worth it.