New Ford Shelby FP350S You Can’t Take To The Street

Photo by Fabricio Bomjardim/Brazil Photo Press/LatinContent/Getty Images)
Photo by Fabricio Bomjardim/Brazil Photo Press/LatinContent/Getty Images) /

Ford performance delivered a new toy for drivers with deep pockets. A factory Shelby Mustang racer ready to take the green flag.

For most of us, we dreamed about being behind the wheel taking the checkered flag at Indy or Daytona. For those adults who still have the itch to race, Ford Performace released the Shelby FP350S. A track only beast that comes ready to race in several series.

With the explosion of track days at road courses around the country, people have been spending big bucks on track only cars. For many that don’t have the mechanical skills, they have been left out. Ford has decided to step up its program and offer a ready to race Shelby.

The new Shelby FP350S is delivered legal to race in some Trans-Am, NASA, and SCCA club racing classes. No buying a car and months of prep to get ready to take to the track. The endless stream of more parts to buy, just get in buckle up and race!

The new Shelby comes with a 5.2L engine built by Ford Performance. It is bolted to a Tremic 3160 manual transmission that will take a beating. With the Ford Performance race suspension and brake package, you will be whipping through the corners with your eyes coming out of your head. The adjustable rear wing and carbon-fiber splitter make sure you can stick to the track.

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The car also comes equipped with the MOTEC data acquisition system so you can evaluate and adjust your car. There is no use in buying a ready to race car if you cannot tune it right for the conditions. It seems Ford has thought of it all in the Shelby FP350S set up.

With Chevrolet having built its COPO department back up with ready to race products, it seems Ford has decided to step up its game. With the national racing series racing sedans, the folks in Detroit wanted consumers to race the real muscle cars. Nobody dreamed of racing a Taurus, but they did a Mustang.

It used to be the reputation of a muscle car was built from greenlight to greenlight. Today it is built on the road courses spread all over the country. From Willow Springs to VIR, every weekend there are club races in dozens of cities. With all the improvements the Mustang has received in the last several years, upgrading its track presence makes perfect sense.

Now for Mustang fans, they have a factory option for racing. Ford has not released the pricing or specific specifications yet. Once they do, you will be able to put together your package and buy it from your local Ford dealer. Christmas might have passed, but a Shelby FP350S would be a great present to find in the driveway.

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