Couple Things We Will Miss About Chargers Stadium

Chillin at Charger Stadium (Photo Kelly G.)
Chillin at Charger Stadium (Photo Kelly G.) /
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Now that the Chargers have left San Diego for Los Angeles, we take a look at a couple of ways this move may affect the SoCal car community as well.

The San Diego Chargers. America’s Finest City. Anyone who visits San Diego knows that the city and its people take great pride in this claim to fame. From its 70 miles of beachfront coastline to its many family friendly resorts and popular attractions, when you think of a SoCal summertime get-away destination, San Diego is hard to beat.

But now that the Chargers have left San Diego, Americas Finest City has taken a big hit. And it’s not only the loyal football fans that are being affected, either.

Chargers Stadium, aka Qualcomm, aka the “Q,” is home to many different car culture events throughout the year. And now that the Chargers have skipped town, much of that weekend racing culture in SoCal may take a hit as well.

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Now we don’t officially know what’s going to happen to Qualcomm now that San Diego no longer has an NFL team,  but there are plenty of rumors circulating the city.

Sure, the San Diego Aztecs would love to call this stadium home for good, but there are a number of different outside developers with deep pockets that I am sure would love to get their hands on that prime Mission Valley real estate as well.

But let’s not talk about what goes on inside the stadium; let talk about all the car culture activities that go on in a place that many people may overlook, and that is right outside in Qualcomm’s large open area parking lot.

Here are five things car guys will miss (in no particular order) if we end up the losing Qualcomm Stadium now that the Chargers have left San Diego.