Diesel Brothers New Season Continues To Shine


After a surprising first season on Discovery, Diesel Brothers has continued to entertain in season two.

Another Motor Monday is upon us and we get a great double feature with Fast N Loud and Diesel Brothers. I have been stunned with the new builds coming out of Sparks Motors in Utah. From the UTV builds to monster mud trucks, it’s been a heck of a ride.

After having Chuck Norris show up on Diesel Brothers last week, the show gets back to builds tonight. After a couple weeks of teasing us with completing the Epic Fail UTV,  tonight is the payoff.

Can Heavy D and the guys get those get all that weight of the axles and tires to work on such a small chassis? Design wise, just the concept of this size a UTV is out of this world. What else would you expect from this crew? I cannot wait to see how that small motor is able to spin those huge tires at the crazy axle angles.

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Also tonight a new project pulls into the shop. A classic tow truck is about to be given the Sparks Motors treatment on Diesel Brothers. Can Redbeard finally keep Heavy D on a reasonable budget? The options are limitless with this new project and the only limit is the checkbook.

For longtime fans of Diesel Brothers and Spark Motors know tonight is drawing night for the latest giveaway. The Mega Ram Runer is going to find a new home tonight. The massive six door Dodge has been the poster truck for the company for years. It now will be headed off to a lucky fan that bought a $5 raffle ticket.

This giveaway has turned into the biggest ever in the history of Sparks Motors. They are also throwing in a new Indian motorcycle as well! Entries for the Mega Ram have been pouring in since long before Thanksgiving. All purchases from the Diesel Brothers on-line store have also have been entered into the drawing. So for a lot of people, they are waiting tonight to see if they need a bigger garage.

The main thing I have found with Diesel Brothers is the show is simple fun. I do not know about you, but for me, life is hard enough and when I actually find some time to watch TV I want to escape real life. I know some of the pranks are over the top, but it is an hour of outrageous trucks and entertainment.

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