Are We Going To Get A Surprise The Grand Tour Special

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It is hard to think that we would have to wait ten months for any new The Grand Tour episodes. A tweet from Jeremy Clarkson might give us a clue.

The first season of The Grand Tour is in our rear view mirror and the dust has settled. The real question on fan minds is what is next? After seeing the longest season for any show the gang has done in a long time, could we see a special coming soon? To keep fans interested, we will need to see more from them on more than just the internet.

As much a fan of the Drivetribe platform that they have created I am, many of their audience does not subscribe. To keep the cult following for The Grand Tour at this early stage, new programming is going to be needed. There are only twelve episodes of The Grand Tour. You can only rewatch them so many times.

As I was contemplating this very thought, I saw a tweet from Jeremy Clarkson. I know they are filming things for the Drivetribe website, but the size of what was in the picture caught my eye. I went back through his timeline and it all started to come together. We could be getting a The Grand Tour Special.

Clarkson even says that May and Hammond are there with the production crew. It could all be that they are early in production of season two, but it is really early for that. With all the money that Amazon is paying them, a few specials to help bridge the gap between seasons makes sense. Amazon is still using them in advertising. You don’t do that is there is not going to be any new material for months.

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In the history of Top Gear, there were always specials to keep the fans attached to the brand. With a new season of Top Gear on BBC about to begin, The Grand Tour needs to do something to remind fans they are not gone. They do not have the benefit of a television station playing endless reruns. That was always going to be the challenge choosing Amazon as their home.

There have been some rumors of a syndication deal, but that could not happen until after three full seasons at the earliest. With the rumblings that James May might depart after three seasons, that makes those reports seem more reliable. The more we get The Grand Tour in front of people the better.

As a fan of The Grand Tour, I hope we get several specials before the next season. Having Clarkson, Hammond, and May back in my living room was fantastic. I need more, it is like a drug and we went so long without it. Don’t make us wait so long for more!

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