Street Outlaws Challenges Fast N Loud Crew To Mega Race!

A frazzled Richard Rawlings stands next to Aaron Kaufman surveying the car foundation.
A frazzled Richard Rawlings stands next to Aaron Kaufman surveying the car foundation. /

The crew from Street Outlaws have called out fellow Discovery Channel show Fast N Loud in a 1/8th-mile Mega Race. Changes at Gas Monkey Garage complicate everything.

You knew it had to happen sooner or later. After seeing the gang from Fast N Loud at Gas Monkey Garage get called out for a drag race last season, the road crew from Oklahoma wants some. An on-line challenge from a fan gets Big Chief to race Richard Rawlings.

Simple enough, the guys at Gas Monkey build a car and cruise up the road to Oklahoma and race. Fans of the show know it is never that easy on Fast N Loud. After Aaron Kaufman drops the bomb on Richard that he is leaving, the shop must scramble to get the car together for the drag race.

The rules for the race throw an unexpected set of challenges at the monkeys. First, it is a 1/8th-mile race. Second, it is not a short hop to the race, but rather a trip all the way to California. Then there are the rules for the cars. 500hp limit on cars that have a VIN plate, no race only cars. Throw in a minimum weight of 2500lbs with steel roof and quarter panels and this went from a simpler build to highly specialized.

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In a moment to himself, Richard realizes that he is not the driver to face Big Chief in a drag race. Looking around the shop, he realizes that he already has a driver on the payroll. Alex Laughlin, driver of the Gas Monkey Energy Drink NHRA Pro Stock dragster! Alex brings in his dad Kenny to help the crew at Gas Monkey get their car together.

The departure of Aaron Kaufman from the shop does not mean he is forgotten. Farm Truck and AZN find the bearded one and see if he wants in on the action. The turn that discussion takes is fascinating when the decide it is not just going to be a drag race, but autocross, and tug of war as well. This plays right into Aaron’s hand of wanting to do bigger, more complicated builds.

Leave it to Aaron to decide to put a LS3 motor in a 95 BMW M3! With a maximum budget of $15,000, AK is pulling out every trick he can think of. The M3’s natural handling paired with the power from the LS3 is going to be a monster. That is if Aaron can get it done in time without the resources of Gas Monkey Garage at his disposal.

As a fan, it looks like Fast N Loud and Street Outlaws just proved to us why they are two of the most popular car shows in the USA. Motor Mondays on Discovery were always important, but it is now must-see TV until we see the end of this!

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