Video: #BuyMyVitara Is The Greatest Used Car Advertisement In History

Eugene Romanovsky is selling his 1996 Suzuki Vitara – a car which we guess is one which he is quite fond of. And it took us only one viewing of the used car ad that he made to realize that. #BuyMyVitara – Suzuki Vitara ’96 for sale, is beyond doubt among the best things on the internet right now.

There is no shortage of used car ads and videos on the web. One Google search and everything from exotics to everyday cars, Batmobiles to crapmobiles and a lot more will be on your screen. It takes both creativity and passion to come up with an advertisement which stands out from this heap. And #BuyMyVitara from Eugene Romanovsky isn’t just the most hilariously-awesome one we have ever seen. It could very well be the greatest used car advertisement in history.

From the introduction sequence itself, you get the hint that this isn’t going to be your typical run-of-the-mill used car ad. Eugene’s #BuyMyVitara employs catchy punchlines, ridiculous-yet-rib-tickling sequences, lots of Hollywood movie footage and of course a dollop of CGI to create the most memorable used car ad of all time.

The video is more of a love letter to Eugene’s Vitara, which by the way is being sold so that he can move up the ladder to a Jeep Wrangler. Deliberate attempt at an Easter Egg or not, scenes from the “Avalanche” commercial of his next car have also been edited into #BuyMyVitara. The ad continues to spiral into utterly enjoyable ridiculousness from there as Eugene goes into scrapbook mode.


2011 Suzuki Grand Vitara. Artist Unknown. (Photo by National Motor Museum/Heritage Images/Getty Images)

#BuyMyVitara can be treated as an unintentional satire as is laughs at and laughs with the current trends in automotive advertising.

Eugene’s “adventures” with the Vitara include evading the dinosaurs in Jurassic Park, thundering down the desert dunes alongside Mad Max and the War Boys convoy in Mad Max: Fury Road and diving into the depths of the ocean to swim with sharks.

Things don’t slow down there as the baby Vitara launches itself to the moon to say “Hello” to astronauts, in a sequence created using scenes borrowed from Transformers: Dark of the Moon. #BuyMyVitara fills up the remaining screen time with more and more ambitious yet imaginary escapades of the 1996 Vitara with it conquering almost everything that Mother Nature can throw at the little SUV.

Eugene Romanovsky’s Facebook page puts him in the role of Creative Director/ VFX Supervisor/ Head of Motion GFX dep. at Gravity – an international Creative, Design, Animation and Effects group, situated in sunny Tel-Aviv, Israel.

With more than a million hits on YouTube (and climbing), #BuyMyVitara is one inspiring piece of work for those who are planning to sell their cars. Well, especially for those who are pretty good with creating computer-generated-imagery.