Jaguar Plans To Take On Mercedes-AMG; May Build AMG GT Rival

Courtesy: Jaguar Newsroom
Courtesy: Jaguar Newsroom /

The Project 7 and Project 8 cars have given Jaguar the confidence to take the battle to the likes of Mercedes-AMG.

You know the Jaguar XE SV Project 8 already. We’ve done two pieces on it so far. One when it was running around the Green Hell with camouflage on and the other when it shed those wraps to reveal itself in all its awesomeness. The 592 hp, 200 mph missile is one hell of high performance sedan and a worthy follow-up to the Project 7.

The response that the new sedan has received may have inspired the big suits and ties at Jaguar to tap into the full potential of its Special vehicle Operations division and make some great cars.

Speaking to Auto Express, JLR SVO boss John Edwards had this to say,

"Deep down we want to make our own model. Just look at the success of the [Mercedes] AMG GT."

Now that’s something to look forward to. After having worked on two extreme versions of the cars which were already a part of their range, Jaguar has now developed more confidence in its SVO division. But creating an all-new high-performance car which is on par with the Mercedes-AMG GT is an entirely different ball game.

Jaguar XE SV Project 8
Courtesy: Jaguar Newsroom /

Both the Project 7 and Project 8 were based on the F-Type and the XE sedan respectively. While Jaguar has never failed in coming up with a stunning design that can stand proud next to what the Germans can offer, now the have to get one built from scratch.

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But JLR and their Special Vehicle Operations division will be taking things slow and will be moving the bigger and more demanding task of making an AMG GT-beating machine only after they prove themselves over and over again with more project cars like the recent XE SV Project 8.