James May Mocks YouTube Walkaround Videos With His Ferrari 308 Clip

Watch The Grand Tour host “silently” mock walkaround videos by making one himself. Also sharing screen with James May is his Ferrari 308 GTB.

The hosts of Amazon Prime’s The Grand Tour are in the news even when the show is off air. (Technically, it’s still available online for viewing. But you know what we meant.) Anyway, they are filming Season 2 of the show right now and somehow Richard Hammond crashed again and amidst all of that, James May got himself a Ferrari 308 GTB.

And once he took delivery of the car, “Captain Slow” decided to make something real quick for his DriveTribe followers to check out. Since no one was around to help him out with filming some driving footage and maybe do a round of proper post-production work, James May decided to make a simple walkaround video of his car.

It’s coming from one of the ex-Top Gear presenters who have always enjoyed laughing at everything around them. So this brief video is James May’s attempt to make fun of the “walkaround” videos which are put up online by both amateur and expert car reviewers.

While some of the walkaround videos do turn out to be packed with ample stuff to keep the viewer engrossed, most of them are poorly-shot and haphazardly-edited. While we shouldn’t kill the spirits of aspiring auto journos who may not have massive budgets like the big boys, it’s always better to invest some time into the post-production work.

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James May did made us laugh with this clip. But sometimes even expert car journos are left with no choice than to make a quick walkaround video. Covering auto shows is the best example.

Throwing in a loud synthesizer music with mismatched opening and closing titles, and then firing it off on YouTube… well, things can be better than that. And May’s take is exactly what one expected it to be.

He parked the Ferrari 308 GTB in a garage, throws in the loud and in-your-face music and titles, cuts that off abruptly to a static camera shot of the car and just walks around it. No explanation, exposition or conversation with the viewer. Just walking around the car with a deadpan expression on his face.

May has assured that he’ll be putting up some driving shots of the Ferrari 308 GTB in the future. Hopefully, it won’t poke at GoPro-based reviews with that signature wide-angle interior shot.

James May had done a review of the 2015 Ferrari 488 GTB before and you’ll find that video above. Nope. It wasn’t for Top Gear, but for The Sunday Times and that looked a lot like a YouTuber review of the supercar. Ironically enough, this video was filmed by May during the career gap that he had between BBC’s Top Gear and Amazon Prime’s The Grand Tour.