Watch An Airplane Crash Into A Van While Taking Off In Russia

(Photo By Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)
(Photo By Justin Sullivan/Getty Images) /

Relax. It wasn’t a Boeing 747. But when someone decides to take-off an airplane from a public road, things like crashing into a van are bound to happen.

It’s not every day that we hear a piece of news on an airplane crashing into the back of a parked car. But today is different as a small airplane has successfully managed to ram into the rear end of an unsuspecting light commercial vehicle. And to top it all, this happened in Russia.

The driver of the van had slowed down and come to a halt as a pedestrian was trying to cross the road. Now, he wasn’t expecting to see a propeller-driven aircraft in his rear-view mirror while slowing down to let someone cross the street.

Going by the footage, the pilot was trying a take-off from the straight stretch of road. But that in itself is lunacy, no matter how sparse the traffic is. Or you must be thrown into the middle of 1990s Hollywood actioner starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. True Lies, anyone?

Airplane Car Crash Russia
(Photo By Justin Sullivan/Getty Images) /

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It’s still a mystery as to what the aircraft was doing in the middle of the road. The report on Sputnik News says that the plane in question was busy spraying fields in the settlement of Chervlenaya, Chechen Republic, Russia the previous day.

Damage report? The pedestrian in the scene walked away with an amusing anecdote to narrated at a bar. The driver of the van too escaped without injuries, though his ride did take a nasty hit.

The pilot made it out alive, but had to be hospitalized given the injuries that he sustained during the accident.

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The insurance claim documents for the damages caused to both vehicles are going to be furnished in a hilarious fashion for sure.

Source: Sputnik News