Video: Watch The Upcoming Ford Ranger Raptor In Action


Come 2018 and the new Ford Ranger Raptor will be arriving in Asia-Pacific to kick any terrain right where it hurts the most. The teaser video makes you want one ASAP!

The Asia-Pacific territory will be getting a souped-up Ford Ranger Raptor in 2018. While there is still a long time to wait till the launch happens, Ford Australia has released a teaser on its YouTube channel. While it isn’t as mind-blowing as the F-150 Raptor, the Ranger Raptor will be a huge leap from the truck’s regular workhorse version that’s already available for sale in the region.

The teaser video shot in Australia shows the rough and tough truck busy with testing its limits on the outback. The Ford Ranger Raptor seems to be holding up well on the unforgiving terrain, even when the high-speed off-road testing isn’t pulling any punches.

The camouflaged version may not be showcased in all its exterior glory. Beneath the wraps you can find a grille which appears to be inspired by the one slapped on the front of the F-150 Raptor. What it can do once unleashed on an off-road course is insanely-awesome. The hardcore off-road version of the Ranger runs and flies over the uneven landscape and owns every moment of its run like a boss.

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The Ford Ranger Raptor will be hitting dealer lots in Australia and New Zealand in 2018.

Ford hasn’t revealed the specifications and the details on the engine powering this creature is still in the dark. But it’s safe to assume that the Ranger Raptor will come equipped with long travel suspension, massive wheel arches that house beefier tires than its standard load-hauling version and of course an engine which will empower it with the horses to destroy the ego of any broken trail.

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We aren’t aware of any North America launch plans for this brute. However, with the Ranger moniker set to return in 2019 and as the Ranger Raptor will already be in the Asia-Pacific market by then, we can always hope that Ford considers a US debut for this off-road focused version.

Source: Road & Track