500 Hp TVR Griffith Makes Glorious Comeback At The Goodwood Revival

(Photo by Ker Robertson/Getty Images)
(Photo by Ker Robertson/Getty Images) /

The TVR brand is back with a deafening bang as the new version of the TVR Griffith is unveiled at the Goodwood Revival event.

It isn’t coming the US anytime soon. But that shouldn’t stop us from admiring the brand which has fallen from heights more than once, for making a smashing comeback with the all-new TVR Griffith. Inspiring choice of name there, as the Griffith moniker is seeing a revival after so decades. And the decision to showcase the sports car at the Goodwood Revival was as admirable as the one taken to resurrect both the TVR brand and the Griffith badge.

The new sports car features a large, naturally-aspirated 5.0-liter V8 Coyote engine taken from a Ford Mustang and TVR sought help from the folks at Cosworth to touch it appropriately so that the beating heart of the Stang churns out a whopping 500 hp of power now.

Mate that engine to a Tremec 6-speed manual gearbox (perfect!) and direct all the thoroughbred horses to the rear wheels (awesome!) and we have an absolutely exciting machine at our disposal. TVR has also added ABS and traction control, indicating that the brand is open to the idea of making their sports cars evolve with time.

With its design living up to the TVR fanbase’s expectations of a sports car with a long hood and a tight cabin with a fastback rear, the Griffith looks stunning from every angle. The Gordon Murray chassis is made of steel, aluminum and carbon composite. The fabulous-looking body on the other hand is made of the material that supercar manufacturers love – carbon-fiber. Weighing around 1,250 kg, the TVR Griffith also boasts of 50:50 weight distribution.

TVR is back with an all-new 500 hp, 200 mph Griffith. Revealed at the Goodwood Revival event, the sports car marks the "…

Posted by Art of Gears on Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Top speed is 200 mph and the TVR Griffith can blast off to 60 mph from naught in less than four seconds.

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The British carmaker was always admired for making hardcore sports cars which are aggressively-styled and engineered with focus on power, speed and handling. And yes, they make the sound which would terrify Greek mythical creatures to death. The build quality and reliability were often not up to the mark though. TVR has hopefully looked into those during the many years that they had to ponder over before making the grand re-entry into the sports car space.

But we must say that the interior of the new TVR Griffith doesn’t quite live up to the modern-day sports car buyer’s expectations. Look at that aircon vent for example. It would look at home in a budget Ford. Not in an expensive British sports car, even in the concept form.

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Bookings have commenced for the 500 units of the Launch Edition model, with price tag less than £90,000. TVR will be accepting the orders at £5,000 and intends to make deliveries in 2019.

Source: TVR