Lotus Elise Cup 260: A Lighter, Hardcore Limited Edition Elise

The Lotus Elise Cup 260 is light, has got lots of carbon-fiber and enhanced aerodynamics. Only 30 examples will be built, which makes it ultra-rare.

Lotus Cars decided to celebrate its 70th Anniversary a bit early with this – the ultra-rare Lotus Elise Cup 260. A special edition, race-derived, hardcore sports car with a cool name, some snazzy add-ons and improvements in its aerodynamics. Simply put, it’s a limited-edition Elise with a big wing at the back.

Thanks to the generous supply of carbon-fiber to the bay which builds the 30 cars in this commemorative edition, the Lotus Elise Cup 260 is lighter than the standard car. But ironically, it’s lighter when still and heavier when driven. All the aerodynamic elements the design and engineering team has integrated into the Cup 260 sports car’s design, has bestowed it with 396 pounds of downforce when the speedometer reads the top speed of 151 mph.

Visual highlights include a laurel wreath decal on the left buttress and the Union Jack on both rear wing end plates. Customers can opt for the special Championship Gold to go well with the overall theme.

Lotus Elise Cup 260

Courtesy: Lotus Media Centre

Being the latest to join the Elise Cup range has its perks as the sill covers, roll hoop cover, front access panel, engine cover and the AP Racing two-piece brake discs have been carried forward to the Lotus Elise Cup 260. Along with all the good stuff, the Cup 260 also sees the debut of the two-way adjustable Nitron dampers setup in an Elise.

The interior comes wrapped in black Alcantara, with the right dose of aluminum and carbon-fiber highlights to break the monotony. That’s the standard fare. Lotus has customization options which will let you pick and match various trims and even bolt in an entertainment system.

Taking 1:32 minutes to lap the Hethel race track, the Cup 260 is quicker than the Cup 250 and that large wing at the back, wheel arch louvers, front splitter and rear diffuser have got a lot to do with those performance figures. The 250 hp, 255 Nm output of the engine is ample to launch the car from 0 to 60 mph in 3.8 seconds. Weighing around 862 kg, it does translate to an incredible power-to-weight ratio. Oh… and the gear box is a 6-speed manual unit. Just the way it should be.

Good news? The Championship Gold color will be available across the entire Lotus range from November. Bad news? The Lotus Elise Cup 260 won’t be sold in the US. Aw, you Norfolk folks!

Source: Lotus Media Centre