John Cena Sued By Ford For Reselling $460,000 GT Supercar

Courtesy: Media Ford
Courtesy: Media Ford /

WWE superstar John Cena is being sued by Ford for selling his brand new GT for a massive profit, which goes against his buyer’s contract.

We all know that John Cena is good at flipping his opponents, but flipping a half-a-million dollar car? Apparently he can do that too, except that act is highly frowned upon.

Ford Motor Company is suing Cena for reselling his 2017 custom Ford GT for a hefty profit less than a month after taking ownership of the car. This action is in violation of a contract he signed promising to keep the car for a minimum of 24 months before selling it.

According to Ford, John Cena paid $466,376 for the Liquid Blue supercar in September 2017 and sold it before the end of October 2017.

The lawsuit reads as follows:

"“In his application, Mr. Cena portrayed himself as an enthusiast of high-end automobiles, as well as the Ford brand, by attaching to his application, photographs, video clips, and web posts of himself in, and promoting, high-end cars.“Mr. Cena is a known car collector, and referenced numerous limited edition and high-end vehicles that he owned and collected at the time of his application, including a model year 2006 Ford GT.”"

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Through a thorough selection process, Ford hand-picked its buyers for the mid-engined, two-seater coupe, which included celebrities like John Cena to help build the brand’s potential. Cena was also the owner of a 2006 Ford GT, and chosen out of 7,000 applicants to buy the limited edition 2017 model – of which only 1,000 will be made.

By selling the near-$500,000 car less than a month after claiming ownership is a breach of his contract with Ford and calls for legal action. Ford Motor Company says that the WWE star made a large profit from the sale, though they did not disclose a specified amount. Now the automaker wants Cena to return the profit he made and pay an additional $75,000 in damages.

The reason why the ownership limit clause was in the contract is because brands dislike when their customers buy super rare cars just to turn a profit. They try to prevent this from happening by implementing contract agreements, which are not meant to be broken.

Cena, one of WWE’s most wealthy stars, responded to the lawsuit with a reasoning that he needed to pay some of his bills.

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We see you John Cena, and now so do the lawyers. Maybe Ford will tweak its contracts now to avoid this incident from recurring in the future.