This Lamborghini Miura Braved The Cold To Play In Some Snow

Courtesy: Dean Mouhtaropoulos/Getty Images
Courtesy: Dean Mouhtaropoulos/Getty Images /

This video of a Lamborghini Miura playing in the snow was uploaded in April, but is completely relevant given that it’s winter.

There are tons of videos online featuring sports car and some exotics testing their prowess in the winter weather. The snow will always bring out the inner child in everyone, especially car enthusiasts. Many see the white powdered substance falling from the sky as an opportunity to spin their tires, burn some rubber and make their mark – both literally and figuratively. This particular video features a Lamborghini Miura, enough said.

The chances of taking such a car into the snow can make almost anyone cringe. The chance of something going wrong is too great, therefore resulting in the possible damage of your car and even the driver’s own welfare.

That being said, how did the Miura perform in snowy weather conditions? One owner was brave enough to swap out his rubber tires for winter ones and endure the winter wonderland with his prized possession.

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In the video, former Lamborghini factory employee, Enzo Moruzzi, talks about one particular client he remembers. It speaks volumes that Enzo remembers him. After all, he delivered Lamborghinis to high-profile clientele for almost 40 years.

The client, who took delivery of a Miura, turned out to be the Shah of Iran, Mohammed Reza Pahlavi. The seven-minute short film is somewhat of a tribute to the Shah, his Lambo, and Enzo Moruzzi.

It starts out as a story told by a “grandfather” to his “grandson.” It’s nice to see the Shah enjoy his Miura so much that he used it as a daily driver. The cheesy beginning is well worth it once you see the rest of the film. It’s a must-watch, trust us.

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While the video may be inspiring, you should not try to replicate this at home. Just enjoy the beauty of an Italian supercar, joyous wintry weather and some hooning, nonetheless.

What are some of the craziest videos you’ve seen cars in the snow? Comment or link it below.