AWD Tesla Model S Doing Donuts In Snowy Moscow Weather

Courtesy: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images
Courtesy: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images /

A man posted a video to his Instagram of him doing donuts in a Tesla Model S in the winter wonderland that is Moscow, Russia.

Just reading the title of this post may cause some to think they read it wrong. Nope, you can check it again. There really is a video of a man in an all-wheel-drive Tesla Model S tearing up the white blanketed ground in Russia.

Alan Enileev posted the video of the snowy adventure, which took place in Gagarinsky District, Moscow. The drivetrain and high capability tires pair together beautifully to allow the donuts to happen. What makes the 2-plus ton car spin almost effortlessly in the snow?

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It may have something to do with the instant electric torque that works together alongside with Tesla’s single-gear nature. Once the wheels start losing traction, the electric motors start spinning violently – even more than what an internal combustion engine could do.

We all know that the Tesla Model S can sort of drive for you, but now it can also practically compete in a figure-skating contest too. Just look at those turns; the elegance and preciseness is enough to have us all raise a “10.”

AutoEvolution tried the same on dry asphalt,

"“We found this out the hard way when testing the Model S P85 (keep in mind this is a rear-wheel-drive model) and a burnout attempt saw the car initially refusing the break traction.“We insisted and, once things got smokey, it was pretty difficult to stop the thing for destroying its rear tires. Before we knew it, the whole canyon surrounding the car was filled with thick smoke.”"

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Check out this late Christmas treat of three Tesla Model X crossovers doing some donuts in the snow.

They have a right to have some fun too, right? The Tesla family certainly looks like it knows how to have some winter adventures. Who would’ve thought?