Aston Martin Searches For EV Partner In China Without Plans To Build

Courtesy: Harold Cunningham/Getty Images
Courtesy: Harold Cunningham/Getty Images /

Aston Martin hopes to share its lightweight material and aerodynamic technologies with an EV partner in China for its future electric lineup.

When I tell you that Aston Martin is looking for an EV manufacturer in China for a healthy collaboration, it is natural that you foresee the births of electric Aston Martins ahead. However, that is not the case this time around. Being the part of a five-year, $856 million trade and investment drive, something that reflects the brand’s expansion into China, the venture aims at a healthy partnership.

The partnership would include the British automaker sharing its effective materials and technologies with the partner manufacturer in an effort to improve the performance of other electric vehicles, and in return of battery technology and manufacturing for the electrified lineup they plan to build.

So why such a collaboration now? Well, Aston Martin isn’t essentially a manufacturer who sells loads of units annually, which implies slight limitations in resources too.

The carmaker seems to have had its realization of the fast approaching, inevitable electric future and seems to be grooming itself for an efficacious adaptation. But it turns out that Aston Martin does not have ample resources to secure massive supply chains for components of the much needed battery tech or to produce them on a large scale by itself.

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The lack of resources in plenty also means that Aston Martin has a tough time finding suppliers willing to produce smaller quantities of parts. Also gruesome are the struggles in finding regular supplies of particular types of parts and technologies.

Obviously, China is a paradise for electric vehicles with its government mandates for “new energy” vehicles within the country. With the EV battery production booming on a daily basis, China is seems like just the right place to go for all your battery technology and manufacture requirements, including the regular supplies of parts.

Aston Martin CEO Dr. Andy Palmer said in Beijing:

"“Our impressive 2017 performance in China reflects increasing demand for our new and special vehicles.The continued roll-out of our new model pipeline, including the company’s first electric vehicle in 2019, will further improve Aston Martin’s market share in this key market, alongside investments we are making to strengthen brand visibility and sales performance. These investments reflect our confidence in the Aston Martin brand and the attractiveness of the Chinese market, which was our fastest growing region in 2017.”"

Having read all these, please do not fall into the conclusion that Aston Martin is going for localization in its production, which definitely is not the case at all. Who would need localization to avail petty tariff cuts when he/she already has enough to bag an Aston Martin?!

The carmaker seems to be busy expanding its dealer network in China with the new concept city center showroom in Beijing hitting the news recently. Aside from this, there is news of plans to open 10 new and renovated showrooms before the close of the year. With its first SUV, the DBX scheduled to debut as a 2020 model, the automaker seems to be playing wise with its increased focus on the Chinese market.

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Take a look at the video below to see what the Aston Martin DBX might look like.

What are your thoughts on Aston Martin’s first SUV? It seems like many more pricy and exotic brands are looking into building SUVs, as Lamborghini and Bentley have recently done. Comment and let us know your feelings on this and your favorite among them all.