New 2016 BMW 7-Series Leaked Before Official Reveal

New 2016 BMW 7-Series Leaked Before Official Reveal
New 2016 BMW 7-Series Leaked Before Official Reveal /

The official reveal date for the all new 2016 BMW 7-series was supposed to be on June 10 this week but according to the German BMW Fan site and BMW’s Austrian configurator earlier today (June. 8, 2015) , we were able to catch a glimpse of the actual 7-series as well as a few details.  Lighter, more engine options, a few colors and some choice options, the new 2016 BMW 7-series is trying hard to sway you away from the Audi dealership.

When Car and Driver tested the 2015 BMW 7-series earlier this year, they called it an aging limousine, which it is after first being introduced to the public in 2008. Weighing in at 4,715 pounds, the current generation 7-series isn’t all that athletic and even C&D admitted that “it’s not to be hurried.” But all that is supposedly supposed to change this time around. If the rumor mill is right, the all new 7-series will weigh less than the current 5-series (3,630 pounds.)

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There are three engine choices. The BMW 740i musters 326 HP from it’s all new six-cylinder. The 750i xDrive is sporting 444 HP from its twin turbo V8 and the diesel option in the 730d is making 265 HP.

There were seven colors revealed including Alpine White, Carbon Black, Black Sapphire, Black College, Cashmere Silver, Glacier Silver, Imperial Blue, Sophisto Grey, Mineral White, Singapore Grey, Jatoba (my favorite type of wood btw), Magellan Grey and Arctic Grey Brilliant effect. In addition, you have your choice of 17,18,19 and 20-inch diameter wheels.

2015.6.8 leaked 6
2015.6.8 leaked 6 /
2015.6.8 leaked 4
2015.6.8 leaked 4 /
2015.6.8 leaked 3
2015.6.8 leaked 3 /
2015.6.8 leaked 1
2015.6.8 leaked 1 /

Finally, there were a couple of optional accessories leaked. It looks like catalog shoppers will have their choice from the M sport package lineup of aero. In addition, it looks like BMW will also offer optional LED headlights (take that Audi.) In Austria, MSRP for the 7-series starts out at about $112,000 for the 730d and roughly $8,000 more for the 740i.