Lotus Teases Its 3-Eleven Set For Goodwood Debut

Lotus Teases Its 3-Eleven Set For Goodwood Debut
Lotus Teases Its 3-Eleven Set For Goodwood Debut /

“Really lightweight” and with “loads of power” where the two phrases that described the Lotus 2-Eleven. Now Lotus is ready to unleash its 3-Eleven and its dropped a teaser pic of a pair of headlights in a darkly lit room(June. 10, 2015) Probably with more power, weight marginally less and with some better bits and bobs to make it better than its predecessor, the 2016 Lotus 3-Eleven is ready to put some heavier and more expensive supercars to shame.

2015.6.10 Lotus 2
2015.6.10 Lotus 2 /
2015.6.10 Lotus 3
To better understand the Lotus 3-Eleven, we have to rewind seven years ago when the Lotus 2-Eleven was revealed. Prior to its introduction, the world had enjoyed the Lotus Elise for over a decade, but as the years went on, it became all but what it used to be. Suffice to say, the ‘little car that could’ put on a bit of weight. Then came the Lotus 2-Eleven. Weighing close to the original weight as the Lotus Elise (but based on the Exige S) and now with twice the torque and twice the power, it was a race car for the track made street legal and enthusiasts loved it. 60 MPH came and went in 3.8 seconds and a top speed of 150 MPH was readily achievable.So what do we know about this 3-Eleven? First of all, it’s a track-only car standard. But if you throw enough money Lotus’s way, they’ll spec it to be road legal. /

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Look to the Exige S for its general shape as the Lotus 3-Eleven will use the same aluminum monocoque chassis from it including suspension parts. Power will come courtesy of the Toyota sourced 3.5 Liter V6 which will reportedly have close to 420 HP thanks to turning up the wick on boost. According to Lotus’s CEO Jean-Marc Gales, expect a zero to 60 MPH time to drop below three seconds and a top speed over 180 MPH. Get ready to shell out close to $108 thousand and with only 311 examples being made, expect them to sell out the day they go on sale.  To remind yourself just how bonkers this 3-Eleven will be, check out some of the videos that cemented the Lotus 2-Eleven as truly legendary below.