Preparations Are Underway To Debut Alfa Romeo Giulia With Ferrari V6

Preparations Are Underway To Debut Alfa Romeo Giulia With Ferrari V6
Preparations Are Underway To Debut Alfa Romeo Giulia With Ferrari V6 /

With a Ferrari V6, Alfa Romeo’s historic design language and racing pedigree, the new Giulia should be a knockout.

According to a video that Omni Auto dropped earlier today (June. 19, 2015) preparations are well underway at the historic Alfa Romeo museum in Arese in preparations to unveil a new sedan. It will be called the Giulia, and if rumors are true, the sedan will be beating with the heart of a Ferrari. This sedan will mark the return of Alfa Romeo right into the fray of the of the sports car market. This all-new V6 sedan will compete with the likes of the BMW 3-series, Mercedes-Benz C-Class, Audi A4, Cadillac ATS and Lexus IS.

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If you don’t understand Italian, not to be worried. Basically, the Italian fellow who hasn’t shaved in a few days is saying that construction and preparations at the historic Alfa Romeo Museum (and former Alfa Factory) have picked up pace in the last couple of days. He also reiterates that June 24 (this coming Wednesday) is the date that Alfa Romeo has chosen to reveal the Giulia to the world.

So what do we know about this much-awaited Italian stallion? It will be rear wheel drive and overall structurally new underneath. Autocar confirmed that the new Giulia WILL use some elements from the Maserati Ghibli and all-wheel drive may be an option for a few markets. As far as the engine goes, it will be “specifically developed for the Alfa Romeo” and will most likely be built alongside the Alfa Romeo 4C’s turbo four-cylinder.

2015.6.19 Alfa
2015.6.19 Alfa /

Supposedly the entire event will be live-streamed and tweeted courtesy of Omni Auto (and I’m sure other automotive outlets will be doing this as well.) I’m sure the bigwigs in Detroit, Germany and Japan will be keen to see what this new competitor is all about. To get your heart racing a bit and to lament the fact that the Nurburgring isn’t allowing any new lap records for the time being, here’s the 4C straight whipping it around the ‘Ring.