Leaked: This Is The 2016 Alfa Romeo Giulia

Leaked: This Is The 2016 Alfa Romeo Giulia
Leaked: This Is The 2016 Alfa Romeo Giulia /

In this day in age, it wouldn’t be a proper unveiling if a someone within the company or perhaps transporting the car didn’t leak a few photos before it’s officially scheduled take off its wraps. And the Alfa Romeo Giulia is no exception as a couple of photos showcasing the exterior and side profile as well as a few renderings of the interior leaked earlier today (June. 23, 2015.) Not only do these photos confirm that indeed Alfa Romeo will use the name “Giulia” but they will offer some sort of performance package as the photo clearly shows a performance edition of the sedan with a decklid spoiler, performance oriented black wheels, quad tailpipes and a very subtle looking side skirt.

2015.6.23 Alfa
2015.6.23 Alfa /
2015.6.23 Alfa 2
2015.6.23 Alfa 2 /

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Apparently whoever leaked the tip also confirmed that we’re looking at the QV or Quadrioglio Verde model. Most likely that means beating underneath the hood will be the Ferrari sourced V6 we’ve heard so much about. Underneath the base model will probably be Alfa’s next-generation turbocharged four-cylinder power unit a.k.a. the auto journalists choice.

2015.6.23 Alfa 3 (3)
2015.6.23 Alfa 3 (3) /
2015.6.23 Alfa 3 (1)
2015.6.23 Alfa 3 (1) /

There’s much to gush about this all new 3-series competitor. First of all, the rear end treatment has stayed true to its Alfa Romeo lineage. Keen eyes will see a hint of Maserati Gran Turismo and Alfa GT and all around if you look at pictures of the Alfa 156, Alfa GT and Maserati Gran Turismo you can see little bits of design influence from each. If you look to modern design for some borrowed inspiration, you can glance at the Jaguar XE as being a closer cousin to the Giulia then the proportions of the 3-series would suggest. Alfa Romeo has done a wonderful job with this new Giulia sedan and cross shoppers may well choose styling over performance when it comes to choosing a four door. Whether or not this Italian beauty will make it to the United States remains questionable (probably not.)

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