Alfa Romeo Giulia Sedan Debuts With 510 HP TTV6 And Active Aero

Alfa Romeo Giulia Sedan Debuts With 510 HP TTV6 And Active Aero
Alfa Romeo Giulia Sedan Debuts With 510 HP TTV6 And Active Aero /

510 HP from a twin turbo V6? Mama mia! And is that an active front splitter? Ya, that’s an active front splitter!

Alfa Romeo pulled out all the stops earlier today (June. 24, 2015) when it unveiled the 2015 Alfa Romeo Giulia to the world. In development since 2008 and with hushed rumors, photo leaks and talk of a Ferrari derived V6 for years, Alfa Romeo finally delivered. With 510 HP available from the twin-turbocharged V6, the Giulia certainly has the power to back up its design.

2015.6.24 AR (2)
2015.6.24 AR (2) /
2015.6.24 AR (3)
2015.6.24 AR (3) /

In the United States, there’s a term called “Skunk Works.” Dodge has SRT, Ford has SVT and Dodge has its Hellcat Division. Alfa Romeo put together a special skunk works team of their own to come up with the ultimate sedan that captured what they call, “La meccanica delle emozioni” or “The emotions of mechanics.”

First, there’s that wonderful Italian design. Thanks to its 50/50 weight distribution and proportions,  the Giulia has very short overhangs, a long hood, front splitter, a passenger compartment directly over the drive wheels and muscular rear haunches. The whole side profile evokes motion while sitting still.

Everything about the Giulia’s design is simple. The profile is delineated by a characteristic indent, and of course there is the iconic Alfa Romeo front nose. All the interior elements focus around the driver. Like an F1 car, most of the cars main functions can be controlled via the steering wheel.

Standard on the Alfa Romeo Giulia is the Ferrari derived Twin-turbo V6 capable of 510 HP (mamma mia!) A blast to 60 MPH takes just 3.9 seconds compared to the BMW M5 which does it .2 seconds faster. The TTV6 features cylinder deactivation and is made entirely of aluminium for weight savings. Keeping all that power in check is Alfa Romeo’s torque vectoring system with a double clutch in the rear to proportion torque to each wheel according to conditions.

2015.6.24 AR (2)
2015.6.24 AR (2) /

Keen eyes who saw the introductory video (posted above) at 25 seconds will notice an active front splitter that actually moves up and down at high speed for more down-force. It’s controlled by Alfa’s Chassis Domain Control. Then there’s all the high-tech materials. The propeller shaft, hood and roof are made from carbon fiber. The engine, brakes and suspension components are milled from aluminium including the cross member underneath.

2015.6.24 AR (1)
2015.6.24 AR (1) /

Alfa Romeo has been making cars for over 105 years and the Giulia is the culmination and beginning of Alfa Romeo’s foray back into the automotive world. And yes, the 2015 Alfa Romeo Giulia is definitly coming to the United States. Even though you probably can’t understand Italian, enjoy this walkaround of the Giulia in white.

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