Production Hot Hatch King: 2016 Mercedes-AMG A45 Has 376 HP

Production Hot Hatch King: 2016 Mercedes-AMG A45 Has 376 HP
Production Hot Hatch King: 2016 Mercedes-AMG A45 Has 376 HP /

By jove! They’ve squeezed even MORE POWER from their M133 turbo unit!

Leave it up to Mercedes to never rest on their laurels as they’ve just released power figures earlier yesterday (June. 26, 2015) on its 2016 Mercedes- AMG A45. Since the AMG A45 now produces a healthy 376 HP and 350 lb-ft of torque, it has pretty much ran up to the Audi RS3 Sportback and snatched the crown off its head as King of the hot hatches. In comparison, the paltry RS3 hatchback makes a measly 367 HP and 343 lbs-ft of torque. Sure numbers don’t matter, but when it comes to an all-out slugfest between the hottest of the hatches, they sort of do. The 2016 Mercedes-AMGA 45 is the most powerful compact performance hatch being made.

2015.6.26 AMG (1)
2015.6.26 AMG (1) /
2015.6.26 AMG (5)
2015.6.26 AMG (5) /

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The M133 turbo unit is one of the most amazing 4-cylinder turbocharged power units available and the M133 carries over in the 2016 Mercedes-AMG A45. The engineers and engine assemblers at Rastatt, Germany have managed to squeeze an impressive 21 more HP and 18 lb-ft more of torque from the 2.0-liter engine. Zero to 60 MPH now comes and goes in 4.2 seconds and the top speed is limited at 155-MPH although I’m sure that can be unlocked with a special dealer option.

2015.6.26 AMG (4)
2015.6.26 AMG (4) /

All that power is routed through AMG’s 7-speed DCT with shorter ratios from third gear to seventh. In front, there’s a mechanical front axle locking differential to improve traction. On all four corners is an adaptive damping system with four modes ranging from Comfort to Individual with Sport and Sport+ in between.

Improved aero means that the AMG A45 now has a new front bumper, side skirts and a newly designed rear bumper with vertical fins. There’s a new rear roof spoiler as well.

Inside, it’s business as usual with a new multifunction sport-steering wheel with a flat bottom characteristic of higher end sport cars. In front of the driver is a revised instrument cluster and infotainment system.  This all new king of the hot hatches goes on sale in Europe later this year in September. But like all good things coming out of Europe, it won’t make it to the United States by any legal means.

2015.6.26 AMG (6)
2015.6.26 AMG (6) /