Refreshed: 2016 Chevrolet Silverado Gets A Facelift

Refreshed: 2016 Chevrolet Silverado Gets A Facelift
Refreshed: 2016 Chevrolet Silverado Gets A Facelift /

You complained and GM listened.

Just close to two years after Chevrolet pulled the wraps off it’s 2014 Silverado, Chevrolet announced today (July 13,2015) that it’s put on a refreshed face for the 2016 model year. According to GM, this means a more muscular and refined lookup front and new in-car technologies inside. Gone is the border  and two-tiered middle strip of chrome around the whole front grille and in its place is a color matched border as well as a single color matched strip in the center. In addition, Chevrolet has removed the dual headlight units and replaced it with a single headlight standard. Also bordering on the bottom edge and in place of where the second headlight was are two led strips ( the universal sign that a car has entered the twenty-first century.)

"In addition, GM has updated Chevy MyLink with support for Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, and additional safety technologies."

2015.7.13 Silverado 2
2015.7.13 Silverado 2 /

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When the refreshed third generation Silverado was unveiled to the public back in 2013, there were mixed responses with how it looked. Some called the look already outdated while others deemed the mishmash of individual design ideas thrown together as terrible. Someone at GM was listening as this updated refresh puts the Silverado on more of a mature pedestal in terms of overall design language. The Silverado certainly looks more mature and “mascular”, but will this new look push more sales? Have truck owners ever preferred one truck over the other based on how it looks? Quite possibly, but in our opinion, not as often as Chevrolet likes to think it does.

In terms of towing power and capability, Silverado always has had that slight competitive edge over its rival, the Ford F-150 and it’s V6 Ecoboost. But that competitive edge hasn’t translated into sales figures that push it over Ford’s. Every month, F-150 outsells Silverado by several thousands of units. Chalk it up to brand recognition but it looks like the only thing that can drive up Silverado sales right now is a dramatic price cut where even Ford has the $230 advantage.