Jaguar F-Type SVR Spied Pushing It At The ‘Ring

Jaguar F-Type SVR Spied Pushing It At The 'Ring
Jaguar F-Type SVR Spied Pushing It At The 'Ring /

SVO sharpens the F-Type’s claws.

It looks like the boys from Gaydon are working hard amidst the forests of Germany making sure that the Jaguar F-Type SVR is hunkered down and ready for final production. According to our Italian friends at Al Volante earlier today (July 15, 2015) the Jaguar F-Type SVR was spied testing (and testing hard) around the Nurburgring. Earlier in the week, the Jaguar F-Type SVR was caught on video by some intrepid Nurburgring fans as it made its way around the track. Check out the pictures and video below to see for yourself.

Seconds into the video and we can see the F-Type SVR four wheel drive system working hard to keep the originally RWD chassis even-keeled around the corners. In addition, all four tires are touching their limit as the SVR takes every corner. One has to wonder if Jaguar is spying a chance to make a record lap attempt if and when regulations are softened around the Nurburgring for that to happen once again. It’s pretty clear Jaguar wants to make a solid first impression with its SVR label.

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Four wheel drive, 600 HP and quick shift technology from it’s eight-speed ZF automatic all bode well for fans of the UK based manufacturer. Jaguar hopes to make the same impression that AMG does for Mercedes when it debuts the F-Type SVR. And from spy photos coming in, SVR doesn’t look to disappoint. With some of the most aggressive aero attached to a Jaguar, we can assume that they’ve spent just as much time in the wind tunnel as they have on the track. No turbochargers here as Jaguar will rely on its tried and true supercharger technology. Look for specs to eclipse four seconds to 60 MPH and a top speed over 186 MPH.