Rumor: Toyota Camry Will Get Turbocharged Engine

Rumor: Toyota Camry Will Get Turbocharged Engine
Rumor: Toyota Camry Will Get Turbocharged Engine /

This bodes well for the tuner crowd.

When you have one of the most fuel efficient vehicle lineups in the world, there’s no need to be hunting around for new technologies to downsize your naturally aspirated engines. But according to our intrepid friends over at Automotive News earlier yesterday (July 27, 2015) it looks like Toyota (as well as Honda and Nissan) may be replacing some of it’s naturally aspirated engines with smaller four-cylinder turbos. According to an analyst who weighed in on the topic, the big three from Japan never really needed to prove anything to the public with their lineups. Their products were inherently always top notch with plenty of value and fuel efficiency already built in. But when you match up the most fuel efficient V6 engine with the most fuel efficient turbocharged four-cylinder, the smaller four-cylinder will win out every time.

2015.7.27 Cmary 3
2015.7.27 Cmary 3 /

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For Toyota, turbocharging technology is in their blood. Any gearhead is aware of Toyota’s endeavors with the Supra and MR2 as being giant slayers in its day. But this is not so much about power as it is about fuel efficiencies. Toyota’s bread and butter 2GR-FE that has seen various applications ranging back to 2004 that makes a portly 268 HP and 248 lb-ft will most likely be replaced by the turbo four in the NX 200t with 235 HP and 258lb-ft or the IS’s new turbo four with 241 HP and 258 lb-ft.

Honda is already on the move to introducing a 1.5 turbo four in its Civic and Nissan is a little more conservative to its shift towards turbos with a switch to direct injection to find a bit more efficiency there. We know they have turbo’s in their GT-R and Juke, but that’s more about power than anything else. In the meantime, check out this early ancestor of the naturally aspirated V6 Camry with a walk around by SaabKyle04 below.