Tesla Will Give You $1,000 Off A Model S If You Refer A Friend

Tesla Will Give You $1,000 Off A Model S If You Refer A Friend
Tesla Will Give You $1,000 Off A Model S If You Refer A Friend /

If you refer a friend, you get $1,000. If you refer 100 friends, Elon Musk will throw a rager in your honor.

In a brilliant piece of no-cost advertising (sort of) Elon Musk is trying everything he can to advertise in places where he can’t really advertise directly to customers. According to Tesla Motor’s in an official announcement today (July 29, 2015) Tesla has introduced a referral programme like no other. The program will run for three months and is only open to current owners of the Tesla Model S. The rules are simple. If you refer anyone using your referral link to buy a Tesla Model S, Tesla will throw a coupon to you good for a $1,000 discount on a new car, service center visit, or accessory (up to ten per person.)

2015.7.29 Tesla (2)
2015.7.29 Tesla (2) /

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But wait, there’s more. If you make five referrals, you get two tickets to Tesla’s Giga factory grand opening party in April of next year. If you make ten referrals, you get the right to purchase a Founder Series Model X for the price of a regular Model X. And the first person to make ten referrals in N. America, Europe and the Asia-Pacific get a free Tesla Model X!

According to Autoblog, Musk himself admitted that this is all partly in response to not being able to advertise directly to consumers in Texas or Connecticut.  “I don’t want to characterize that as the main reason, but it could be something that helps us.” In addition, this is a way for Musk to directly identify pockets of really enthusiastic members, one’s who are willing to do the word-of-mouth support. We’re curious how this will all pan out as it’s a win-win situation for all parties. Until them, don’t be surprised if one of your friends who owns a Model S invities you to a “BBQ” to discuss an “amazing opportunity.” You’ve been warned!