Bugatti CEO Says Veyron Successor Not Debuting In 2015

Photo Credit: Bugatti
Photo Credit: Bugatti /

During this year’s Pebble Beach event, Buggati’s very own CEO talked about what the Veyron successor will be.

We can conjecture all we like about what the Buggati Veyron successor (code named Chiron) will be, but it’s better to take the words right out of the horse’s mouth. Thanks to a video upload by Vehicle Virgins that landed earlier today (Aug. 20, 2015) we got to hear first hand what exactly the Chiron means. There wasn’t much in terms of hard numbers or facts about the Chiron although we do now know that the Chiron won’t be shown in 2015. “The car will not be shown in 2015…”

According to Wolfgang Dürheimer, the Veyron successor only had one mission statement that read, “do better this time in all dimensions.” That means the Chiron will be faster, have more power, have a shorter acceleration window then the Veyron, will be more exclusive and will have a new level of luxury never before seen on any of their products. This all coincides with rumors that 1500 HP is on the docket as well as a 0-60 time that may indeed dip below two seconds. As for production numbers, Bugatti made 450 Veyrons so expect that number to be even smaller for the Chiron.

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Durheimer himself has already sat and test drove the Chiron as well as everything else in the segment which we can only assume to be the best from McLaren, Porsche, Koenigsegg, Ferrari, and Lamborghini. Durheimer stated that the Chiron will define the new limit for sports car, much like the Veyron before it.

Additionally Durheimer said that the visual and visceral experience you have with the Chiron will defy logic so much so that you won’t even think about the price and that anyone in the market for one would only need a 30 minute test drive to make his decision.

"“The way how it turns, how it accelerates, how it looks will fascinate our existing customer base. So when you are a customer and you went through the purchasing process one time and had a thought, “shall I spend this much on a Buggati and then thought a bit before saying yes I will do it, you won’t have that thought process with this new car.  Because the sensation that it creates and the stunning look that’s so extraordinary that I’m quite sure that the existing customers will purchase again.”"

Bold words from Bugatti but we’re pretty confident that they can back that claim up no problem.