Mini Collabs With Channel Island Surfboards And Kalani Robb

Mini Collabs With Channel Island Surfboards And Kalani Robb On Surfboard
Mini Collabs With Channel Island Surfboards And Kalani Robb On Surfboard /

The Mini Brand of BMW recently collaborated with Channel Island Surfboards to release a surfboard to market.

Once in awhile car companies will partner up with another totally different product manufacturer in a deal that benefits both companies. Channel Island Surfboards, a company well known in the surf industry for their quality surfboards, announced earlier this week (Aug. 30, 2015) that they’ve collaborated with BMW Mini and pro surfer Robb Kalani to release a new surfboard dubbed the ‘Mini.’ According to Mini, they wanted to create a surfboard that best exemplified the qualities that their brand exuded. Mini Coopers are known for being sporty, fun, great around corners and all around great cars. As such this surfboard is “versatile that performs in an unusually wide range of conditions. According to Channel Island Surfboards,

"The MINI offers a ultra relaxed rocker, wider nose, wider squash tail, thinned rails, and aggressive single to double concave with vee out the tail. Taking a page from Al’s popular Skinny Fish design the MINI incorporates all the speed and wave catching ability of a traditional fish with the performance benefits of a squash tail. Designed to work best in knee to head high surf. This board is best positioned as your go to groveler in your quiver. Ride this board 3″ – 6″ shorter than your height."

2015.9.1 Mini 3
2015.9.1 Mini 3 /

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We totally dig the collaboration. A large demographic of young people who buy Mini Cooper’s happen to live near the coast whether it be on the North Coast of Angourie to Byron Bay in Australia or the shores of Laguna Niguel in sunny Orange County, surfers need a vehicle that they can mount on top of their cars and head out for dawn patrol. Gone are the days of VW busses and woodies. While you can put a surf rack on just about anything, there’s something about surfing and Mini’s that go well together. It just makes sense that somewhere along the line, they’d (some surf equipment manufacturer) collab on something like this. And at a price starting at $894, this is the cheapest you can get the Mini experience without an actually….Mini.

2015.9.1 Mini 2
2015.9.1 Mini 2 /