Aston Martin Just Released A DB9 GT Bond Edition

Aston Martin Just Released A DB9 GT Bond Edition
Aston Martin Just Released A DB9 GT Bond Edition /

Aston Martin announced a seriously cool DB9 GT Bond Edition just ahead of the Spectre release.

In a serious nod and paying homage to the special relationship this car has had serving one of UK’s most beloved spy’s, Aston Martin has gone ahead and outfitted one of its latest cars with all the best for 2016. According to Aston Martin’s official press release that hit the web earlier today (Sept 2, 2015) the boys at Gaydon are readying up 150 examples to be sold worldwide. By the looks of things these special edition DB9’s won’t be equipped with rocket launchers, seat ejectors, flame throwing exhausts or invisibility camouflage, but there are a few bits and pieces that do set them apart from regular DB9’s.

2015.9.2 Bond (4)
2015.9.2 Bond (4) /

One of the biggest additions is a special edition silver paint rightfully named “Spectre Silver. In addition, the Aston Marin badges front and rear are made out of sterling silver with discreet 007 Bond edition badging. All around, you get 20-inch special edition 10-spoke alloys. Up front, the hood vents are bright aluminum as well as the side strakes and grille. Underneath on either end is a carbon fiber front and rear splitter and underpinning each wheel are a set of grey brake calipers.

Inside, there are a few unique numbered sill plaques on the doors. And when you do turn on the car, there’s a special startup screen. If you so feel compelled, there’s also a special edition suitcase and watch to go along with your Aston Martin DB9 Bond edition.

2015.9.2 Bond (1)
2015.9.2 Bond (1) /
2015.9.2 Bond (2)
2015.9.2 Bond (2) /

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The engine remains untouched, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a proper barnstormer. Lightly changed throughout its 11 year history, the 6.0 liter V12 makes a standard 540 HP and 457 lb-ft which is more than enough for a blast to 60 MPH in 4.5 seconds and a terminal velocity of a brisk 183 MPH. MSRP for this limited edition DB9 starts at 165 thousand pounds or roughly $252 thousand which is $63,705 more than a regular DB9. To a Bond enthusiast, that shouldn’t mean much but $60 thousand for a couple of badges and plates? We’d probably aim to “buy another day.