Bentley Bentayga Hits 187 MPH And Grabs Crown As Fastest SUV

Bentley Bentayga Hits 187 MPH And Grabs Crown As Fastest SUV
Bentley Bentayga Hits 187 MPH And Grabs Crown As Fastest SUV /

Bentley released a video showcasing its Bentayga high-speed testing.

Only in this epic age of motoring we live in do the words ‘fast’ and ‘luxury SUV’ go hand in hand. Bentley wanted to make it absolutely sure that they’re King of the Terminal Velocity mountain by dropping a video earlier yesterday (Sept. 4, 2015) showcasing its SUV offering absolutely hammering it down a high-speed test track at a whopping 301 KMH (or 187.033MPH in good ol’ American units.) Not to be outdone, but the second and former fastest SUV was the Porsche Cayenne Turbo S which can hit the track to the tune of 176 MPH. The way we see it, Porsche just took a big swing to the face courtesy of Bentley’s velvet glove. And from the looks of Porsche R&D Cheif Wolfgang Heitz, he’s having none of these Bentley shenanigans.

As a matter of fact, according to Car and Driver, Heitz already foreshadowed that Bentley would try such a stunt. ” “I think if [Bentley boss Wolfgang Dürheimer] is doing 2 to 3 km/h more, then why not? He’s doing that with a 12-cylinder. Our car will be much quicker on the road.”

Powering the mammoth but lithe beast of an SUV is Volkswagen Group’s lovely W12 power unit good for 567 HP and 516 lb-ft. Bentley has re-tuned that W12 with a new injection system including other enhancements that pushes power up to 600 HP and 664 lb-ft.

2015.9.5 Bent
2015.9.5 Bent /

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Rest assured, there’s a battle brewing that will see Bentley and Porsche throwing punches at each other. The Porsche Cayenne Turbo S has already run the Nurburgring under eight minutes and we have yet to see Bentley post a time although they’ve been spotted heavily testing round the ‘Ring. Porsche still has yet to leak some details on its second generation Cayenne Turbo S. But according to Heitz, it will be lighter more powerful and obviously quicker. Look for a reply from Porsche real soon.