Caught Uncovered: 2016 Honda Civic Without Camo In Ann Arbor

Caught Uncovered: 2016 Honda Civic Without Camo In Ann Arbor
Caught Uncovered: 2016 Honda Civic Without Camo In Ann Arbor /

The 10th generation Honda Civic was caught without any camouflage at all on a street parked in Ann Arbor, Michigan

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No one knows if it was intentional or not but the 2016 Honda Civic was caught uncovered on a rainy street in Ann Arbor, Michigan. According to Civic X forums on their post earlier today (Sept. 11, 2015) we finally have our first look at this 10th generation Honda Civic and its looking very much like the concept that was unveiled at the 2015 New York International Auto show earlier this year except now it’s in a much more tasteful battleship gray color rather than a neon green. This is no surprise as the 10th gen Civic is scheduled to be unveiled on Sept. 16. If you haven’t already clicked on the link above to see the photos for yourself, click here to see all the photos of the 10th generation Honda Civic uncovered.

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What debuted at the NYIAS was the coupe so what we saw was the sedan and from the looks of things, it translates quite well into four door form. Upfront is a large chrome grill that transitions nicely into the LED headlights, slit thinly heading into the front fenders. The side profile is especially attractive with a muscular front side fender bulge and a fastback rear profile towards the tail end. Outback, the new taillights receive that iconic C-shaped taillight (boomerang shape.) The side markers on either side of the rear bumper adds plenty of character to the back and highlights somewhat of a faux diffuser of sorts. What results is arguably one of the best-looking Civics in a while.

A couple of weeks back, we reported on the possible engine specs and transmission choices for the 10th generation Civic. Basically the 10th generation Honda Civic will come equipped with a base 2.0 liter engine or customers can step up to a more potent 1.5-liter turbo which we imagine will be more fuel efficient. No confirmation yet if Honda will throw in a version of the Type R engine into the Si, which should make a return as well.