The 2017 Jaguar F-Pace Roars Into Frankfurt With 380 HP

The 2017 Jaguar F-Pace Roars Into Frankfurt With 380 HP
The 2017 Jaguar F-Pace Roars Into Frankfurt With 380 HP /

Modestly priced around the low to mid $40,000’s, the 2017 Jaguar F-Pace debuts in Frankfurt.

Luxury crossover shoppers rejoice as Jaguar has dropped their latest attractive offering. Earlier today (Sept 14, 2015) Jaguar dropped a full press release, photo album and subsequently took the wraps off its 2017 Jaguar F-Pace. Utilizing copious amounts of aluminum in the chassis and body, Jaguar is toting this SUV as performance driven. With an attractive exterior, plenty of powertrain options, and sporting credentials the 2017 Jaguar F-Pace is sure to be a hit once they arrove on showroom floors.

2015.9.14 Jag (3)
2015.9.14 Jag (3) /
2015.9.14 Jag (2)
2015.9.14 Jag (2) /
2015.9.14 Jag (1)
2015.9.14 Jag (1) /

Pricing for the entry-level supercharged V6 starts out at $43,385 with the more powerful V6 coming in at $57,695. When a diesel option does drop, that will be priced at $41,895. In North America, F-Pace’s will start off with a base 340 HP engine with an optional 380 HP engine available. Later on in September there will be an available 2.0-liter diesel with around 175 HP and 430 lb-ft of torque. All engines will be paired to the award winning ZF 8-speed transmission. Although the base trim levels come in RWD in Europe, only AWD trim levels will be available in the United States.

2015.9.14 Jag (4)
2015.9.14 Jag (4) /

As for the design, the entire overall impression is strength with clean lines throughout. There are clear influences from the Jaguar F-Type. Up front, there’s a bold grill with a large Jaguar emblem. On the hood, a clear bulge shows off its apparent power unit underneath. Fender vents on the side are a clear nod to Jaguars of the past.

Inside, Jaguar is really pushing the fact that this is a true five seater with an extra wide three-seat rear bench. In the back, there’s an available 33.5 cu.ft  feet of cargo space, 61 cu. feet if you fold down the rear seats. The infotainment system is all controlled by a 10.2-inch tablet like screen.

2015.9.14 Jag (7)
2015.9.14 Jag (7) /
2015.9.14 Jag (6)
2015.9.14 Jag (6) /
2015.9.14 Jag (5)
2015.9.14 Jag (5) /

The structure of the body is mainly composed of a mix of high strength steels and aluminium alloys (1/3 of the total materials used) so the F-Pace is stiff yet light weight, which translates well into handling characteristics.

Jaguar says that although they’ve used less steel, the high-strength passenger cell still provides more than adequate safety in the event of a crash. In addition, the front end has been optimized to protect pedestrians if a front end hit occurs. For example, the hood was reshaped and the wiper assembly moved to protect a pedestrian better if an impact takes palce.

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To assist the driver, there are a couple of advanced driver assistance systems worth mentioning. All Surface Progress Control allows you to inch your way through snow, ice, and wet grass as smoothly as possible. Low Friction Launch maximizes traction without an abrupt launch due to high torque. Vision sensors up front make sure that you’re always in your lane if you start to drift, emergency braking systems are in check and traffic signs are being identified and obeyed. Laser heads up display keeps your eyes on the road by displaying key information on the drivers side windshield. Adaptive cruise control maintains a cushion of safety with the car in front of you. There’s blind spot monitoring as well as reverse traffic detection. There’s also park assist which will parallel park or squeeze into tight spots for you. And if you decide to tow anything, Trailer Stability Assist makes sure that your load is always in control by slowing the F-Pace down and applying the brakes on either side to regain control.

There’s all sorts of little details Jaguar has spelled out but will let you read up on the press release for further information. 

2015.9.14 Jag (9)
2015.9.14 Jag (9) /