Toyota Unveils Five Door CH-R Concept That’s Almost Production Ready

Toyota Unveils Production Ready Five Door CH-R Concept
Toyota Unveils Production Ready Five Door CH-R Concept /

Toyota has taken its CH-R concept from last year and given it production ready credentials.

It looks like Toyota has gotten pretty serious about its CH-R concept it unveiled last year as earlier today (Sept. 15, 2015) Toyota unveiled a production-ready rendering of its CH-R concept. Except this time around it looks like Toyota has added two more doors instead of the original three-door concept in order to gain wide spread acceptance over a larger audience.  Toyota will be using this more production ready version of the CH-R to further gain reactions from Toyota’s target market.

2015.9.15 CH-R (1)
2015.9.15 CH-R (1) /
2015.9.15 CH-R (3)
2015.9.15 CH-R (3) /
2015.9.15 CH-R (4)
2015.9.15 CH-R (4) /

Much like Volkswagen has it’s MQB platform for a shared modular system for front wheel drive hot hatches and wagons, Toyota’s New Global Architecture Platform (TNGA) aims to trim down Toyota’s platform and engine portfolio by building multiple vehicles off the same platform worldwide. Modular doesn’t necessarily mean boring as this TNGA platform sports a rigid body, a lower center of gravity and reduced body movement.

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Diamonds. This was the obvious theme that Toyota took and ran with for the CH-R concept. Up front there’s a large and bold monochrome bumper which fits underneath what Toyota calls a “wing graphic.” At the tail ends of the wings are jewel-like LED headlamps. The side profile of the CH-R screams muscular with deep cuts along the lower door line and bulging wheel arches. Outback it looks like boomerang taillights are all the rage for 2016 (see Honda Civic) as the CH-R sports a pair. The rear glass is steeply raked and the integrated fog lamps, rear faux diffuser and relatively small real estate out back makes the CH-R look slim and athletic.

2015.9.15 CH-R (6)
2015.9.15 CH-R (6) /
2015.9.15 CH-R (7)
2015.9.15 CH-R (7) /

Powering the CH-R will be a mix of battery, gasoline and electric motors in a hybrid system. Toyota also hopes to increase thermal efficiency of the engines up to an acceptable 40 percent.

Toyota hasn’t outright said it but they’re focusing mainly on the European market so don’t expect this CH-R to make its way across the Atlantic. Hey, at least we have the Venza (sarcasm.) Seriously Toyota, we’d love to have this crossover bounding across our outlet parking lots sooner rather than later.