Breaking: 2016 Toyota Prius Colors Revealed With Heat Suppressing Paint

Photo Credit: Toyota Press release
Photo Credit: Toyota Press release /

Some internal documents from Toyota have unveiled the colors for the 2016 Toyota Prius that includes heat supressing paint.

The Toyota Prius has already made its world debut and pre-orders are set to begin later this week on the 26th (in Japan at least.) Thanks to our intrepid friends over at Ethical Life Hack, it looks like the full suite of colors available for the 2016 Toyota Prius have been unveiled for the JDM market and they look downright fruity. Take a look at the entire internal documents as well as a full list of the colors courtesy of @SuperSecretCar off of twitter. Keep in mind these color options might not be available for the USDM or EDM market but it gives a glimpse of what’s possible from Toyota.

Using a bit of Japanese Translation software, the color list works out to be…

  • Emotional Red
  • Thermo Detect lime green
  • Steele blonde metallic
  • Gray metallic
  • Attitude Black Mica
  • Dark Blue Mica Metallic

Conventional colors that will come standard.

  • Super White Ⅱ
  • White Pearl Crystal Shine
  • Silver Metallic

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When the Toyota Prius was officially unveiled in Las Vegas just a few days ago, the press release as well as the live unveil had a Red, Blue, Gray and Silver Prii (yes, that’s the plural of Prius) ready for photogs to get an SD card full. But according to these internal documents, colors like lime green, steel blonde and dark black mica make their way onto the options palette. And if you option the lime green paint, special properties within the paint suppress heat from absorbing into the metal leaving you with a cooler car. Pretty cool (pun intended.)

Insulating paint is already used in buildings and special projects (like the NASA space shuttle) and is somewhat available in the aftermarket with more utilitarian uses like Lizard Skin but this may be the first OEM automotive use of this paint technology to hit the market.