Hyundai Is Bringing A 700 HP Tucson To SEMA

Bisimoto Engineering’s First CUV is the Most-Powerful Tucson Ever
Bisimoto Engineering’s First CUV is the Most-Powerful Tucson Ever /

For the fourth straight year Hyundai is teaming up with Bisimoto to unveil a 2016 Hyundai Tucson with 700 HP.

It seems like everytime SEMA rolls around Bisimoto Engineering is thee place to go to get ready a vehicle that not only looks great but has all the right power credentials to go along with it. Hyundai announced earlier today (Sept. 21, 2015) that they are partnering up with the mad scientist, Bisi Ezerioha once again to throw together a crossover SUV of epic proportions. Thanks to a Turbonetics 6465 (64mm) turbo as well as a list of supporting parts as longa grocery list, this Hyundai Tucson quadruples in power from 175 HP to 700 HP.

"“The 2016 Tucson was the perfect platform for this year’s build, offering me the opportunity to captivate a wider audience by tapping into the growing popularity of the CUV market,” said Bisi Ezerioha, owner and chief engineer, Bisimoto Engineering. “After hundreds of hours of testing and developing new engine components, we’re confident that this power plant can handle what we’re asking from it, delivering a fresh, race-bred take on the 2016 Tucson with performance and reliability at its core.”"

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The exterior is very much a Bisimoto signature touch with what he calls the “Street Fighter look.” As with many of his build, the ride is slammed on air suspension, the front grille has been eliminated to make way for a giant intercooler, large 1552 wheels on all four corners in white compliment that Bisi Blue we’ve come to know and love and a peek inside shows a roll cage which means this CUV might find its way onto a track.

2015.9.21 Hyundai Sonanta
2015.9.21 Hyundai Sonanta /

Last year Bisimoto built a 708 HP Hyundai Sonata ready for the track and the year before that Honda tapped his expertise to fabricate an 800 HP Honda Odyssey. Needless to say when you need big reliable power numbers, Bisi is your guy. We’d love to see this CUV at least hit the drag strip after it comes home from Las Vegas.