Watch And Listen To The Single Speed Koenigsegg Regera Accelerate

Photo Credit: Koenigsegg
Photo Credit: Koenigsegg /

Video was taken of the Koenigsegg Regera accelerating hard off the line and it’s a one of a kind viewing experience to say the least.

So far videos of the Koenigsegg Regera moving under its own power have been tepid at best with a couple of revs here and their with all that 1,500 HP relegated to creeping along grassy lawns. Finally video was taken, thanks to Youtuber Bo Bah earlier last week (Oct. 4, 2015) that showcases this juggernaut of a hypercar launching right off the line and going through its one gear. That’s right. Thanks to a single speed fixed gear transmission, the Regera doesn’t shift…at all. And you’ll definitely hear it in the video too as the Regera jumps off the line.Like a CVT or electric car, it slowly picks up speed and then when you expect it to shift, the pitch of the engine slowly climbs never actually shifting. Have a watch and a listen below. It’s pretty wild to say the least.

In Swedish, Regera roughly translates “to reign” and with all of its 1500 HP ( 1489 to be exact) the Swedish rocket certainly has the credentials to lay claim to that awesome marquee. Paired to its twin-turbo V8 are three electric motors. According to Christian Von Koenigsegg, the founder and CEO of the company, if you put your foot in it long enough, you can hit 250 MPH without breaking a sweat. As of right now, there will only be 80 Regeras made.

Fun Fact: Technically thanks to its battery pack and electric motors, you can putter around gas-free for 22 miles before ever having to engage the V8 engine.

2015.10.11 Regera (1)
2015.10.11 Regera (1) /

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