Watch Ken Block’s 1978 Rocket Bunny Escort Slay Some Tires

Photo Credit: Hoonigan
Photo Credit: Hoonigan /

Ken Block unveiled to the world his first RWD Gymkhana machine and it’s a 1978 Ford Escort MK2 RS

It looks like Ken Block is taking it back old school for his next Gymkhana car and this time around he’s chosen a 1978 Ford Escort Mk2 RS all kitted out in Rocket Bunny aero. Hoonigan went ahead and published a video showcasing the little hell-raiser slaying some tires and making clouds (aka pulling off copious amounts of donuts.) Compared to his first 650 HP Ford Fiesta this time around power and weight have been halved as this Escort makes a whopping 333 HP to the wheels  but most likely weighs considerably less. Check out that video below.

"“This car has been something I’ve been working on slowly for a long time now,” said Block. “I’m stoked with how the whole thing turned out. My team and Graham Quick at Quick Motorsport in the U.K. did a great job on the build of the car, Rocket Bunny did an awesome job with the exterior styling and I absolutely love how The Hoonigans took something I really love—the American flag—and remixed it into a badass graphic for the livery of this car. I’ve only been able to test this car for two days, but I’m looking forward to slaying some more tires in this thing really soon. The car absolutely rips, especially at 9,000 rpm.”"

The Ford Escort platform itself has had a long and successful rally history between 1975 -1981 that saw the little RWD machine stuffed with a 250 HP racecar engine from Cosworth and its interior stripped and heavily bolstered. The motor in this Escort is a Millington 2.5 liter four cylinder Diamond engine which continues on where Cosworth left on bringing Cosworth power into the 20th century.

2015.10.20 Ken Block Escort 4
2015.10.20 Ken Block Escort 4 /
2015.10.20 Ken Block Escort 3
2015.10.20 Ken Block Escort 3 /
2015.10.20 Ken Block Escort
2015.10.20 Ken Block Escort /

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