Toyota Brings Back Marty McFly’s Truck Reimagined As 2016 Tacoma

Photo Credit: Toyota
Photo Credit: Toyota /

Now only if Ford could’ve remade Needles F-150, we’d have a real throwback drag race on our hands.

As most of the greater internet already knows and fans of the Back to the Future trilogy are already aware, today is Back to the Future day. According to Toyota earlier today (Oct. 21, 2015) Toyota did the honors of recreating their iconic dream truck to Marty McFly by outfitting a 2016 Toyota Tacoma with all the trimmings and options that Marty himself would approve of. Technically if Toyota wanted to be true to the 1985 Toyota Truck, they’d choose to use a Toyota Hilux as that was the truck Marty used in the movie, but alas, the Hilux doesn’t have a presence on North American Shores.

Toyota went ahead and selected a throwback black color from their library of exterior paints as well as mudflaps true to the spirit of 1985 motoring. We’ve listed the entire modification list below.

  • Custom 1985 Toyota Truck Exterior Paint
  • Off-road Suspension
  • Toyota Racing Development (TRD) Wheels
  • BFGoodrich Tires
  • Custom front and rear Tubular Bumpers
  • Custom Light Bar
  • KC HiLites Gravity LED G46
  • KC HiLites Daylighter Gravity LED
  • Custom “D-4S” Fuel Injection Badging
  • Custom Tailgate with Iconic “TOYOTA” Logo
  • Custom Vintage Headlight and Taillight Design
  • Mud Flaps 1985 Toyota Truck

This comes off news that Toyota officially pulled the wraps off its hydrogen-powered Toyota Mirai which if you’ll remember from BTTF II was definitely a refueling option at the Texaco station of the future. Then we remember last year when Lexus unveiled their hoverboard technology. If DeLorean where still around today, we wonder what they would’ve done to honor the DC-12.

Photo Credit: Toyota
Photo Credit: Toyota /
Photo Credit: Toyota
Photo Credit: Toyota /

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