McLaren P1 GTR Driver Programme Kicks Off In Barcelona


Your eyes do not deceive you, that’s indeed seven McLaren P1 GTR’s on the track. And it’s pronoucned Barth-elona

When McLaren puts seven P1 GTR’s on the same race track all at the same time, you know you’re guaranteed a good time (a supervised one at that.) According to McLaren on their official press release earlier today ( Oct. 23, 2015) they’ve officially kicked off their McLaren P1 GTR driver’s programme in Barcelona on the Circuit de Catalunya.

The 2015 McLaren P1 GTR isn’t just a car, it’s literally a ticket into a drivers experience no other car manufacturer offers. Sticker price for this “one of 45” track monsters comes in at a cool $3.06 million which buys you not only the car, but people at your beckoning (we don’t mean human slaves mind you.) Not only do you get to be invited to driving events around the world with specialist vehicle support (reads you don’t need to bring your GTR, ) you get exclusive rights to participate in Mclaren’s racing simulators, probably the same racing simulators Jenson Button and Fernando Alonso have been sweating in all F1 season.  And it doesn’t end there as McLaren will schedule some one-on-one time with their driver fitness team so you’re in tip-top shape.

The P1 GTR takes the normal P1 and turns the dial up to 11. You get 67 more horsepower, wider tires and aggressive aerodynamics. That means this car was meant to tear up the track. Rather then seeing their 45 examples stuffed into walls, McLaren has gone out of their way not only to upgrade their cars, but their drivers as well.

2015.10.23 McLaren P1 GTR (3)
2015.10.23 McLaren P1 GTR (3) /

"‘The McLaren P1™ GTR Driver Programme takes this offering to another level, providing owners with a unique experience, designed around each individual. No two drivers are the same, and this programme is bespoke to each skill set, with our team of professional driver coaches, engineers and technicians working closely with the drivers, as they would in a top flight motorsport team. This ensures the programme is adjusted accordingly to allow for the best to be seen of each driver and each car.’"

And if you’re wondering, that’s 6902 HP in total in that picture.

2015.10.23 McLaren P1 GTR (4)
2015.10.23 McLaren P1 GTR (4) /
Photo Credit: McLaren
Photo Credit: McLaren /

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