Watch This LaFerrari Completely Wipe-out In Budapest

Photo Credit: Axlon23 via Flickr by way of Creative Commons.
Photo Credit: Axlon23 via Flickr by way of Creative Commons. /

We’ve said it time and time again. If you don’t respect the power of your car and “Act a fool” you’re gonna have a bad time.

It looks like this particular LaFerrari in Budapest, Hungary has an appointment scheduled for their local exotic body shop. According to Gábor Grubits on his video upload earlier today (Nov. 4, 2015) it looks like a LaFerrari driver got a bit throttle happy in an attempt to pull off a bit of hoonage on a busy traffic street and got more than he paid for. Immediately after matting his go-pedal to the floor, the LaFerrari driver lost control and plowed straight into a line of parked cars immediately adjacent to the street.  Check out that video below and relish the cringe-worthiness.

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Modern hypercars, while full of drivers aid and enough tech to get a space probe to Mars and back, are at the end of the day legal race cars for the road. Plenty of driver seat time and respect for what you’re driving are prerequisites long before you turn the key. With 949 HP directed to the rear wheels, even though the tires are wide enough to take such power, it’s an awful lot of power to go to two wheels and you’re bound to lose traction if you haven’t properly warmed up your tires.

One theory floating around is that this LaFerrari owner turned off his traction control settings to get maximum burnout effect. Ferrari engineers have literally spent millions of dollars, thousands of hours of computing time and an equal number of man hours to make sure that owners don’t stuff them into walls in normal driving situations but do give them the freedom of switching traction control off. It’s that’s the case in this particular situation, it’s an expensive lesson that driver won’t soon forget.

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Also, what’s with the potato camera? But that’s an entirely different story. If we want to see our exotics wipeout, at least film it in 2160P at 120 FPS (we kid.)