Watch this brand new Chevrolet Silverado try to drift and fail

Photo Credit: Screenshot via Truck Daily Facebook
Photo Credit: Screenshot via Truck Daily Facebook /

Why, why would you take your brand new truck and try to whip it in an enclosed area!

There are two types of truck owners, those that actually use their trucks for work and off-road activity and those that buy them just for the street cred. This video is definitely in the former camp. We’re not entirely sure where and why this owner of a brand new Chevrolet Silverado happened to think it was a good idea to start his career in drifting and pulling donuts at that exact moment with concrete barriers surrounding him, but now the greater internet can share in his bad decision. Check out that video below and get ready to “Oooooo and Ohhhh!” with the rest of the crowd.

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First of all, the enclosed space is entirely too small for pulling off much of anything except maybe for a standing burnout,but we get it. The organizers of the event were probably allocated a small space for car shenanigans and worked with what they had available.

Then, there’s this brand new Chevrolet Silverado.We’re pretty sure he’s still making payments on this $30 thousand plus piece of equipment. The absence of chrome around the grill means that this one is 2016 model and not a 2015 one.

And ok, he’s lowered it. Something a couple of truck owners do to raise the altitude ( you’ve got to lower the altitude.) It’s no longer a truck in the sense that it can handle thousands of pounds of payload and effectively haul much of anything anymore, but it’s all about that street cred.

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He’s learned his lesson the hard way and after he drops a couple thousand at the bodyshop, rest assured he won’t be doing anything as rash as that anytime soon.

H/T- Truck Daily