McLaren P1 Obliterates LaFerrari And Porsche 918 To 186 MPH

Photo Credit: TheSUPERCARDRIVER via YouTube Screenshot
Photo Credit: TheSUPERCARDRIVER via YouTube Screenshot /

The SuperCarDriver pitted the McLaren P1, LaFerrari and Porsche 918 together in an epic dragrace and answered the question we’ve all been wondering for quite some time.

The SuperCarDriver called it a grudge match and rightfully so, it is. There have been comparison tests that pitted all three of these supercars on the track, on the quarter-mile dragstrip and up to 60 MPH, but like the little schoolboys we sometimes are with supercars, we wanted to know who was fastest deep into triple digit speeds, and now we have our answer. Earlier Monday morning The SuperCarDriver finally got all three cars lined up on the same strip of abandoned airfield and let loose the dogs of war up to 300 KMH (or 186 MPH in the Queens metrics.) Simply put, the McLaren P1 laid the smack down for queen and country. Check out that video below.

Both the LaFerrari and Porsche 918 were run in race-mode which allowed the supercar’s lithium-ion batteries and electric motors to unleash their full burst of power in one fell swoop thus giving us the best possible acceleration.

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For the tail of the tape, the LaFerrari beats them all with more power in both HP and lb-ft as well as overall weight but this is the real world with aerodynamics, tires,  and ECU’s at play.

The buildup to the actual race was palpable. The cinematography and music choice certainly did this video justice. Usually we’d scrub through till the actual race but we opted to play the entire seven minute and change video to savor each juicy second.

2015.11.18 Porsche McLaren LaFerrari
2015.11.18 Porsche McLaren LaFerrari /


Immediately off the line the 918 grabbed the lead with all drivers laying their foot down, pedal to the metal with the LaFerrari and P1 trailing by a hair. From their, it was pretty much a one sided race with the McLaren P1 pulling away and holding its lead.

Interestingly enough, this video exposed a major chink in the terminal velocity armor of the Porsche. At 146 MPH, the front electric motors are decoupled to prevent over-speed within the internals, reducing power drastically.

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And when reaction time is eliminated, the same result is seen. Simply put according to the presenter, “The P1 is in a league of its own.” Well done, Woking.