Koenigsegg Knows The One:1 Will Annihilate The P1, 918, And LaFerrari

Photo Credit: Koenigsegg
Photo Credit: Koenigsegg /

In response to Chris Harris’s video and other videos of the #HolyTrinity, Christian Von Koenigsegg dropped this epic response.

Christian Von Koenigsegg is officially butthurt. How else can you explain this official press release that dropped earlier Friday morning in response to all the hub-bub and press that a certain three cars (McLaren P1, LaFerrari and Porsche 918) have gotten this last week. We can’t blame him either. We all know in the back of our minds that if given the chance, one of Koenigsegg’s latest hypercars could very well wipe the floor with either of those three aforementioned cars. It’s just that no one invited his one:1 to the party. But see, this is Christian Von Koeniggsegg, certified badass. He’s backed up his statements with cold hard facts, something that should be making these Hypercar makers and fans take notice.

First, Koenigsegg responds to a customer who asked Christian himself if the Agera RS he bought could keep up with what he’s dubbed the #HolyTrinity. First Christian Von Koenigsegg says that his Koenigsegg is pretty much faster than all three of those cars by a large margin using the manufacturers stated claims and decries SuperCarDriver’s video as a farce for using a track with a two percent incline and for having results that have a large margin of error when compared to the manufacturers claims.

"We are on the record – with video support – as having achieved a 14.53second time for a 0-300kmh sprint. That time is half-a-second faster than the fastest manufacturer-claimed time from the #HolyTrinity cars."

Here’s the video in question. Also, we’ve included Chris Harris’s video which probably was the one that pushed Koenigsegg to write his feelings out.

But here’s the kicker, the car he has on video beating all three cars was made in 2011! Anyone remember the Agera R? Oh, and the Koenigsegg One:1 pretty much can beat the #HolyTrinity as well by three seconds. No.Big.Deal.

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And when Koenigsegg does get an Agera RS for testing purposes since all their cars were built for customers, he expects the Agera RS to hit 400 KMH in 20 seconds. That’s 248 MPH in the Queen’s English.

Christian Von Koenigsegg ended his backed up rant by saying that on a circuit, his Koenigsegg One:1 would not only keep up with this “lofty competition” it would hold its own around corners.

"…we know that everyone is waiting for us to tackle the Nurburgring, which we definitely want to do when restrictions are finally lifted in 2016."

We literally can’t wait for speed restrictions to be lifted at the Nurburgring. And according to our motoring friends over at Motor Authority (shout out to Viknesh,) the Green Hell is just about ready to be opened with no limits as early as 2016.

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We find it both hilarious and really cool that Koenigsegg had to drop an official press release, and just on that fact alone, Koenigsegg gets some major street cred in our book. We’re all ears to hear when the One:1 creeps out onto the Nurburgrining to make its record-setting run.