Fetty Wap Just Gave A 2016 BMW i8 To Remy Boyz Artist Monty

Photo Credit: @TheShadeRoomInc via Instagram Screenshot
Photo Credit: @TheShadeRoomInc via Instagram Screenshot /

Tis’ the season for giving and Fetty Wap did just that gifting a 2016 BMW i8 to Remy Boyz Artist Monty, one of his closest friends and confidants. 

How do you thank one of your closest friend’s in the industry for sticking with you through thick and thin even when at one time you both shared a car together as a makeshift home? According to Fetty Wap via his homeboy Remmy Boyz Monty a.k.a Montana “Monty” Buckz on Instagram, you give that friend a brand spankin’ new 2016 BMW i8. With the abilitity to hit 70 MPH on electric power alone and enough juice to top out at 160 MPH, this isn’t just any regular sportscar, it’s a bonafide hybrid supercar. Or as Fetty Wap would call it, one fast thank you gift.

The entire gift giving was captured on Instagram. Check out the exact moment when Fetty Wap gifts his homeboy the keys to this $140,000 next generation German speed machine below.  Viewer descretion is advised as the videos do have some explicit language.



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Saying that this exchange got a bit emotional would be an understatement. In an exchange that only rappers that happen to be gearheads could apprecaite, there was your fair share of hugs, showing off this brand new toy and laughs to be had when it came time to hand over the keys.

"“That’s your s**t right there…nothing but love… That’s you…”"

According to UrbanIslandz, “Fetty has had a huge year this year with several Billboard top 10 singles including “Trap Queen” “Again” “My Way” and “679.”

Monty appeared on all of 9 tracks off Fetty Wap’s debut self-titled album. The project was released with 20 singles.”

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It looks like this wasn’t your run of the mill friendships between two artists who happen to like to rap but a real friendships whose bonds go far beyond the money they might happen to make along the way.